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Without resources, it is sometimes extremely difficult to teach students. I end up searching the internet for what others have done or creating something from scratch. We may have a text book but it is outdated, not aligned with standards or so old it is falling apart. State funds simply do not exist for textual resources for my students.

I am asking for class sets of various "Kids Discover" titles so that my students can read and learn about the various topics covered in the curriculum. Topics include various body systems (heart, lungs, brain, etc.), weather and extreme weather phenomenon, the atmosphere, simple machines and the differences between plant and animal cells and structures.

These informational text booklets are filled with great information, wonderful pictures and are structured in a way to appeal to young minds and interests. Something we don't have. They come with lesson plans, activities, and resources. Here is an example: http://www.kidsdiscover.com/shop/issues/extreme-weather-for-kids/

Even this request won't allow for each student to have their own copy to read at home but it will at least give me a jumping off point for the topics I teach.

They are only available online. I can purchase bundles of 10 for a reduced price. There are also fantastic apps for iPads that allow students to work through interactive modules, take quizzes, watch videos and learn in a more technology driven manner. Downloading those apps can be expensive and that cost is certainly not covered in any budgetary allotment.

$798 plus postage will get me the booklets. The remaining amount I would like to use to purchase a weather station kit for the classroom. I found one for $139 plus shipping and handling and it will allow us to experiment with the weather.

Please help me to help my students. If I had the resources, it will certainly help me make science more interesting to the students and therefore them more successful in school. Thank you!

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/resourcesforlangley

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Tammie Langley $60.00 40 Donation via Rodger Morgan.....thank you Rodger!!!!
Tammie Langley $60.00 40 Donation via Rodger Morgan.....thank you Rodger!!!!
Michael Steinkraus $25.00 0
irene wittig $25.00 0
Amanda Stevens $25.00 0 From: Irene Wittig
Maureen and Ted Tourtellott $50.00 0 Good luck with your projects Tammie. We're sure your kids will have fun learning! Love - Mom and Dad
Brice Middleton $20.00 0
craig & gail tourtellott $50.00 0
Tammi Harper $25.00 0
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Science Resources Needed!
Science Resources Needed!
Goal $1,000.00, $280.00 raised

Tammie Langley
Kannapolis Middle School
Classroom Description: I teach the best 7th graders in the world.

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