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Ipads 4 PreK at FCA

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I am raising funds to get 2 or more ipads for our preK classrooms here at Freedom Christian Academy. The ipads would be used in whole group, small group, and individual instruction for helping students grow in all areas of the curriculum, with a focus in early literacy and math/number sense. Ipads are great devices for teaching phonics skills such as letter and sound identification, number recognition and number sense development, and fine motor practice such as tracing letters/numbers and correction letter and number formation. The ipads would also be used as a teacher resource for projecting lessons on a wall, bulletin board, and/or white board for whole group interaction. PreK students would also be taught how to correctly use and maintain electronic devices. Teachers will use the ipads for documentation of student progress and communicating with parents. Currently, our preK classes have no tablets to use in this manner. The ipads would be shared between two classes with a total of 23 students. Please help us bring more up to date technology into our PreK department here at Freedom Christian Academy!

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Ipads 4 PreK at FCA
Ipads 4 PreK at FCA
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Vicki Flynn
Freedom Christian Academy
Why I Teach: I teach because I firmly believe that it is a calling on my life. I believe that a person is called into the ministry of teaching, just as someone might be called to be a pastor. I don't just teach ABCs and 123s to young children....I serve families! I love what I do and could not imagine myself doing anything else.