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Through my fundraiser on DigitalWish.org, I hope to acquire 30 Google Chromebooks plus a charging cart for my fourth grade class. Chromebooks would be useful in my classroom for a number of reasons.
1. Research shows that when students know how well they’re doing on a consistent basis, they are more motivated to improve their work and skills. With a Chromebook, students will be able to create and easily update a data notebook in their Google Drive accounts. Their data notebook can be accessed daily to check and update their progress in reading fluency, math fact fluency, mastery of core concepts, and more. Since it would be online, students would be able to sign-in to their Google Drive at home and parents would be able to view their child’s progress. This in turn opens a continuous academic dialogue between parent, student, and teacher.
2. By having Chromebooks, I would be able to regularly use Google Classroom. This means that lessons would be more easily differentiated to meet the various needs of my students. Differentiating would also be more inconspicuous. There wouldn’t be an awkward moment where an on-level assignment is handed out to most kids and then an adjusted assignment is handed out to the rest. Many assignments would be given through Google Classroom before students even know about the assignment. This way no student would know exactly what the other is working on; some would be on-level, some below-level and progressing, and some would be above-level and enriching.
3. Next year, it is my goal to flip my math instruction. Having Chromebooks in my classroom would allow easier, more consistent, access for students without internet to watch my instructional videos first thing in the morning or while waiting for their bus.
4. Student work won’t be misplaced. All work would be automatically saved in their Google Drive on their Chromebook.
5. Lastly, Chromebooks would cut back on the amount of paper used. Many assignments, no matter what subject, can be submitted through Google Classroom on Chromebooks.

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/jenipson

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Jennifer Ipson
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