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iPads for special needs students - autism. I need iPads for my classroom to meet my student unique and individual learning needs. My students do not learn in the same way and these iPads will allow my students to explore virtual field trips, build digital portfolios and learning math and science concepts. These iPads will be critical to my students learning. I work in a Title I school that does not have the funding to support mobile technology inside the classroom. My students will be able to learn new math, science concepts on the iPads. They will be able to build language and reading skills as well as bringing real world connections into their every day lives. Science and technology is growing at a rapid pace, please don't leave my students behind.

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/view_fundraiser?id=1409

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iPads for Special Education
iPads for Special Education
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Melyssa Thompson
Liestman Elementary
Why I Teach: I teach special education students because every student has the potential to be a successful member of our society. My goal for my students is be independent and successful members of our society

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