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The DeKalb School of the Arts wants to bring BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to our students.

Currently, DSA has 16 viable desktops and 58 second-generation iPads available for our student body that are not restricted to specific classroom instruction. DSA’s current student population is 432. Due to the limited number of devices available for our students our core and elective teachers are unable to integrate technology during the school day. We would like to provide 4 hotspots hubs for students and teachers to use in the classroom so that students can use their personal devices at school.

Our teachers are continually expanding the ways in which they engage students. Our teachers continue to identify instructional technology resources to enhance the curriculum for students.

In addition to securing 5 wireless HotSpots Hubs for DSA students, we would like to offer laptops for those students do not have access to mobile technology at home. Please support us as we endeavor to make sure that ALL our students have equitable access to technology.

Please support us as we work diligently to carry out the DeKalb County School District's 21st-century classroom technology initiatives. By providing 4 hotspots hubs, students and teachers in ALL departments will have access to online resources throughout the school day.

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/dsa_byod

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DSA BYOD Project Fundraiser
DSA BYOD Project Fundraiser
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