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My soaring eagles need more experience using the great technology tools available to them in this day and age for educational purposes, so I am raising money to help fund a Digital Literacy program at my school.
Although most teenagers spend a large percentage of their time online, not all of them know how to stay safe, kind, and smart online. With access to Chromebooks in the classroom, students will have more opportunities to practice being kind and smart online while also increasing their skills of analysis by participating in online discussions. Students will also have the opportunity to practice being safe online as they learn to use proper and specific search terms while researching.
I believe that Chromebooks in my classroom would help create students who are safer, kinder, and smarter online, while also giving students opportunities to increase their writing and reading abilities.
Thank you for donating to my project!

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/mrsbaird04

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Digital Citizenship and Literacy
Digital Citizenship and Literacy
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Whitney Baird
Spring Creek Middle School

Top Wishes:
Chromebooks - Grade B or Better, Various Brands
Chromebooks - Grade B or Better, Various Brands