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Don't take a Photograph, Make it

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Digital art tools and digital photography, help students build skills and the ability to look for creative solutions to problems that require out of the box thinking. In these mediums, students will share their vision and provoke a reaction from viewers, while creatively expressing how they, as individuals, perceive the world. In this art making, student will explore ways of sharing a fresh or unusual view of reality and affect emotion that moves us and, possibly, compels us to try new things. The digital world also provides the wonderful opportunity to look at old subjects in a new way.

In experimenting with digital photography and digital art, all middle school students will have exposure to applications that spark creativity, encourage innovative thinking, and build soft skills that employers value.

Unlike painting and drawing, photography is not rendering, imitating, or interpreting, but capturing the real physical object. This inspired making can tell a story or draw attention to a need for change. By including the capabilities of the digital arts, such as scanning images, students can manipulate and create fantastic new interpretations, while they change textures, add color, rotate, crop, add lines, highlight shadows and wander through various other enhancements. Photographic essays, digital collage, and photo montage provide vehicles to observe, express ideas and feelings, and work with continuity and change. Topics, including fashion, design, and marketing will be brought to life as viable career options, when images are translated to three-dimensional representations. By bringing these digital experiences to my students, I hope to provide a more well rounded visual arts education program.

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/art_sugg

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Don't take a Photograph, Make it
Don't take a Photograph, Make it
Goal $3,000.00, $0.00 raised

Philip W Sugg Middle School

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Standard Digital Camera Lab
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HP Officejet 100 Mobile Color Printer