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Hello Friends,

Thank you for viewing our post.

A little bit about us...Our school is located in a rural and impoverished region of our state. Our closest populated area is Great Falls, MT, which does not have much to offer in terms of educational experiences that would otherwise be available in more populated states. In addition to our limited access to educational experiences, we are limited by our school funds. Our school services approximately 180 students each year from backgrounds ranging from homelessness/low income to native american populations. Our school qualifies for free and reduced lunches.

We would like to purchase the RobotLab Virtual Reality classroom pack and Advanced VR Expeditions for our school in order to offer kids something beyond the confines of walls. The quote for the program and equipment includes 20 VR headsets with controllers as well as classroom equipment, new routers, licenses for teachers and students, hotspots and storage for the equipment. This program will allow students to take virtual field trips and participate in real world professional experiences. We believe that this will engage students in learning and exploration and allow them to pursue opportunities previously thought inaccessible. We need to build a passion in students who come from difficult backgrounds in order to build a better future. Please help us by contributing whatever you can to create a better tomorrow for us all.

Thank You!
-Mrs. McBrayer's Junior High Science Class

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Enriching Experiences With VR
Enriching Experiences With VR
Goal $13,000.00, $50.00 raised

Whitney McBrayer
Vaughn Elementary School

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Donated hotspots with Mobile Beacon's Unlimited Internet Service
Donated hotspots with Mobile Beacon's Unlimited Internet Service
The School of Life Project - Developing Emotional Awareness
The School of Life Project - Developing Emotional Awareness