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Help my student get an Assault AirBike!
This Bike is going to be used for 1 on 1 sessions for Adaptive Physical Education, as a tool to help students reach their goals. These goals include improving mobility, leg strength, or cardiovascular fitness. Many of my students love to be outside and feel the breeze of the wind. This bike has a cool feature as you pedal the fan moves and creates wind. This is a sensory benefit that can help improve product as well as enjoyment. This well know disability service provider mentions, “For kids sensory play can often be very calming and can help them work through troubling emotions such as anxiety and frustration” ( Aruma.com.au). This bike is durable has and many awesome features the rest of the bikes don’t have. The bike features seven on the board programs that they can choose from. Or they can design their own workout based on calories, distance, time or heart rate. You can adjust the bike to lower or high resistance to make pedaling easier or more difficult to pedal. You can also incorporate teamwork, sharing, and coordination by doing a group activity with balloons. On student can pedal to create wind another student could hold balloons over the fan. Lastly, the final student can catch the balloons. After everyone is done, they can switch roles.
The kids that will be using this bike have special needs and many of these students are medically fragile and finding resources that are safe and effective can be challenging but this bike would be perfect. The bike is extremely durable and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about students falling off or the bike breaking. The bike also has an adjustable seat so the younger students can use it as well. The bike is equipped with wheels so transport or storage can be done in an easy fashion. Sometimes it can be difficult for students to leave the classroom, either for medical reasons or lack of supervision. This bike can solve that issue because you can wheel it to different classrooms and being stationary it doesn’t require a ton of room to use it.

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Exercise bike for my students
Exercise bike for my students
Goal $800.00, $0.00 raised

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