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Journalists of the Future!

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Help me start a Journalism Class!

I am the Media Specialist at my school a K-3 Magnet school. I teach students in grades K-3. I truly believe that expressing oneself through writing is key to our students success! Even in Kindergarten our students' have great ideas and can express those ideas through writing. I want to channel those ideas of my students with a Journalism class. I want to create a weekly broadcast that the school can view. The broadcast will show reporting on the topics that the students find important to them.

Funding needs: I am in need of one video camera, two digital camera and at least 4 tablets. The video camera will be used to record the weekly broadcast, the digital cameras will be used by the students to photograph their subjects related to their topic, and the tablets will be used to create their weekly broadcast.

Your support of my classroom will lead to tomorrow's writers! Please support my classroom!

School: Title 1

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/misslopez

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Journalists of the Future!
Journalists of the Future!
Goal $600.00, $0.00 raised

Annette Perez
PS 251 Early Childhood Magnet

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