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Having an interactive projector in the classroom will make a huge difference in how I teach and how the students will learn. With the interactive capabilities of the projector, students will be able to manipulate objects such as fraction pieces, Venn diagrams, animals, etc. directly on the whiteboard! I currently use my projector to project PowerPoint slides on the whiteboard and then students and I will write on the projections, but I have to erase our work every time before moving on to the next slide. With the interactive projector, I will be able save work that students do on the whiteboard and be able to project it again and again as long as they need to refer to it! I will also connect my Apple TV to the projector so that I can share apps with the entire class and have students participate in them as a whole group activity.

My school is an extremely diverse learning community, and as teachers, we are constantly working at making our teaching as accessible to our students as possible. This donation will help me be a better teacher by showing my students that learning is not just reading a textbook and filling out worksheets, but about acquiring, retaining, and applying new information and skills.

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/missetting

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SMARTer Students!!
SMARTer Students!!
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Lauren Etting
CHIME Charter Community School