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The Shape of Things

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Keywords: math, book making, shapes
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Early Learning, Technology, Art, Geometry, Math
Grades K through 3
School: Calvary Baptist Day School, Savannah, GA
Planned By: Donna Thaggard
Original Author: Donna Thaggard, Savannah
This lesson will be used with my second graders. The lesson will incorporate math, technology, language arts, and art skills.

Day One will involve a review of the basic shapes. the students will write a description of each of the shapes. The description will include the numbers of lines, number of vertexes, and type of angles. We will play a game of Who Am I? as the students describe a shape for others to name. We will then play a game of I Spy as students find examples of each shape in the classroom.

Day Two The students will use the classroom sets of pattern blocks to make patterns using circles, squares, and triangles. Students will then share and discuss the patterns they have made. Students will write a description of their pattern.

Day Three The students will use the circles, squares, and triangles of various sizes that have been cut out of construction paper to make pictures using just these three shapes. The students will glue down the shapes after they have planned their picture. Students will then write a description of their picture. I will take digital pictures of the pictures that the children have made.

Day Four The children will make a Voice Thread using their picture. The digital pictures will be uploaded to our Voice Thread account. Each student will then read his/her description of his/her picture as I video tape them. The video will then be added to the child's picture on the Voice Thread.

Day Five We will wrap up our work with circle, squares, and triangle as the children will go on a scavenger hunt around the school looking for examples of each shape. The students will be divided in five groups. Each group will be given a digital camera and will take pictures of circles, squares, and triangles that they find around the school.

Day Six - Seven The students will review the pictures they took and each group will select the pictures they wish to use. Each group will then use publishing software to produce a "Shape" booklet. Each page of the book will include a picture and a written description telling about the picture. The description will tell what is in the picture, where it was taken, and what shapes are in the picture.
Students will be allowed to check out cameras to conduct a scavenger hunt at home for examples of shapes. These pictures could then be added to their "Shape" booklet.
Links: Link to Voice Thread
Materials: Slideshow, Word Processor, Batteries, Camera Bags, Point and Shoot, Mobile Labs
Other Items: 3 printer photo paper, $35.00 each, total of $105.00
3 printer ink, $30.00 each, total of $90.00