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Illustrated Dictionary

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Keywords: reading, social studies, science, culminating activity, dictionary, vocabualry, book making, math, gorup work
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Photography, Music, Special Needs, Technology, Health and PE, Art, Science, Math
Grades P-K through 8
School: Braxton Craven School, Trinity, NC
Planned By: Sarah Allred
Original Author: Sarah Allred, Trinity
Step 1- Individual students will go through their notes and select 15 (number may be changed as appropriate) key vocabulary terms from their notes and activities and list them on a sheet of paper. (Prior to this activity, I will have taught students how to pick out key terms, and main ideas. )

Step 2- Students will share their proposed list with a small group of classmates. The groups will be instructed to discuss the word list, and which words are the most important to include. The small group will compile their lists and decide on one group list of the 15 most important words from the unit.

Step 3- Small groups will share their lists in a whole class discussion. As groups share they will come up to the SMART Board and add their words to the class list. A class discussion with then take place in order to finalize a list of the 15 most important words from the unit. Teacher should guide students in discussing why or why not words should be included. As words are added or eliminated, note this on the list on the SMART Board. When a list has been finalized, print the working list for students to refer back to.

Step 4- Once a class list has been completed, students will go back to their small groups. Each small group will be assigned a portion of the list (2 - 4 words per group depending on the number of groups). The group should now use the textbook glossary, dictionaries, and online resorces to write an agreed upon definition for each word.

Step 5- Small groups will share their word definitions on the SMART Board. The class can now either copy the definition list form the board, or you could print a copy for students to access.

Step 6- Guide students in using digital cameras to take photographs to illustrate each word. Using the SMART Board, model for students how to edit and print the photos, and them have them do so on the lassroom computer or in the computer lab.

Step 7- Individual students will now make an illustrated dictionary using the words and definitions agreed upon by the class. Students will be given a rubric to follow in creating their dictionary. The dictionary should include all 15 words in ABC order, a definition and sentence using each word, as well as a photo representing each word. Students may make the book by folding paper and cuting and pasting the photos they took, or may make a PowerPoint or slide show format book including the pictures in digital format, and then printing a copy.

Step 8- Take up and assess books. A basic rubric follows:
-Includes all 15 Words = 20 points
-Definition of Each = 20 points
-Sentence for Each = 20 points
-Photo for Each = 20 points
-Correct Spelling and Grammar = 10 points
-Quality and use of technology = 10 points
This would be a great activity to finish up a unit in any content area. It isan exciting way to integrate curriculum content with technology tools, and real world skills such as working with a team to create a product or presentation. It would not only provide a way to review and assess a unit of study, but also teach students valuable skills the will need to compete in the workforce in the process.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This could be used with any topic of study. It could include collaboration with a language arts teacher about sentence writing, and a media specialist about research skills.
Students can share print copies of the books, or a digital copy could be added as a part of a class web page.
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Printers, Point and Shoot, Digital Cameras, Mobile Labs, Whiteboards, Batteries, Memory Cards, Slideshow
Other Items: 1 black printer ink (price approximate) HP Deskjet 5150, $35.00 each, total of $35.00
1 Color printer ink (price approximate) HP Deskjet 5150, $35.00 each, total of $35.00
1 pinter paper (price approximate), $15.00 each, total of $15.00