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Keywords: portfolio, movie making, technology
Subject(s): Technology, Information Skills, Business
Grades 10 through 12
School: Thompson Community Center, Warren, MI
Planned By: Sylvia Maisano
Original Author: Sylvia Maisano, Warren
Exam: Students are to create a 25 frame project as part of their exam. Criteria are as follows:

Import objects from the Internet
Build and Transition
Present a show with times
Present the presentation when completed for a final grade


Title Slide: “ALL ABOUT ME”
Subtitle: Your Name

Frame 2: Photo of you
Frame 3: Who’s in my family
Frame 4: Where I have attended school
Frame 5: What is my career and why
Frame 6-9: What are my college choices
Frame 10: My hobbies
Frame 11-13: What I want to do in the future (5 years, 10 years 20 years)
Frame 14: Who my favorite teacher is and why
Frame 15-17: Things I don’t like and why
Frame 18: Websites I think are cool for looking up a career and college
Frame 19-20: Things I like to do after school
Frame 21: My best friend is…. And why….
Frame 22-23: A Job I can do right now…. And A job I want to do later
Frame 24: Graduation
Frame 25: Credits

Students are to use www.google.com to find images that represent each of the frames in the list. They are to save the images to a folder they have created on the network.

They are also to find a song that is acceptable and represents who they are and add the audio file to their project.

The project, before it is made into a movie, must be timed with the audio file. They must include build and transition between slides. Once they have completed the project, they can make it into a movie.

Students must present their movie to the class and fellow students will review each one.

If the student is a senior and successful at the completion of the assignment, I would burn a copy of it for them to keep and use at home. They could upload this as a live resume on their facebook or myspace. It's about your image and the impressions you make.
Materials: Whiteboards, Digital Cameras, Yearbook, Short Throw Projectors, Projector Screens, Video Tools, Timeline, Sound Libraries, Integrating Technology