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Keywords: Phonics
Subject(s): Writing, Reading, English/Language Arts
Grades K through 2
School: Highland Elementary School, Sylvania, OH
Planned By: Michele Henson
Original Author: Michele Henson, Sylvania
In every first grade program teaching phonics is an important piece of your language arts curriculum.
This lesson brings phonics to life.

#1 Each child is assigned a "hunk and chunk" from our Phonics Dance program.
Their assignment is to find something at home or in our classroom that contains the "hunk and chunk" they have been assigned.
ee - tree ing - swing ai - train
ea - tea er - paper ar - car
ir - girl ed - sled or - door
oy - boy all - ball pl - plate
These are just a few examples.

#2 Each child then takes a picture, using my digital camera of the object they have found. (A picture of them swinging, a picture of them sledding, a picture of them climbing a tree)

#3 The pictures are then downloaded onto my computer where each child prepares a Power Point slide with their "hunk and chunk" and saying.
We took a picture of one of the children on a swing. We downloaded the picture, put it in PowerPoint, added -ing in large letters and put at the bottom. I N G, I N G, swing, swing, swing.

#4 When all the pages have been completed we save our phonics program as a PowerPoint and using our SMART board we are able to "chant" through the list each morning reviewing all our important sounds.

#5 Each slide is then reduced and put into "presentation form" where we run these off on tag board. Each child is given a copy to cut out, punch and put on a ring.
These become our "phonics rings" and are useful during the reading and writing portion of our day.

#6 These presentations can then be saved on a CD for students to take home and practice.

Gone are the old fashioned workbooks. Phonics is now brought to life!

Materials: Digital Cameras, CDs and DVDs