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Public Service Announcements for Our School

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Keywords: Public Service Announcements, digital video, writing process, video editing
Subject(s): Information Skills, Art, Business, Civics, Social Studies, Video, Spelling, Technology, Service Learning, Grammar, Podcasting, Science, Special Needs, Writing, Drama, Reading, English/Language Arts
Grades 6 through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: South Miami K-8 Center, Miami, FL
Planned By: Joyce Rosales
Original Author: Joyce Rosales, Miami
The purpose of this lesson is to create one to three minute Public Service Announcements about important topics for our school. Some topics include, but are not limited to, saving the environment, anti-bullying, healthy lifestyles, and technology etiquette and safety. After viewing Public Service Announcements as a whole class on our Smart Board, the students will work in small, co-operative groups and go through the writing process: brainstorm ideas, plan and organize scripts, write out rough drafts, edit their drafts, and use wordprocessing software to type their final draft. Once they have their scripts ready, the students will use mini digital camcorders to film their announcements. Next they will use Tool Factory Movie Maker to create and edit their short films. The films will be published by showing them on morning announcements and uploading them to the class and school websites.

One 80-minute class period, plus writing, filming, and editing time.

The learner will:
* work in a cooperative group to write a script for a public service announcement using research from official Public Service Announcements and websites about various topics such as anti-bullying and netiquette.

* edit and revise his/her work for correct grammar and mechanics
* use word processing software to keyboard the final draft
* practice reading the script aloud
* record his/her announcement using digital camcorder
* create, edit, and revise his/her film using Tool Factory Movie Maker
* publish film to website and morning announcements

* Paper and Pencil
* Research Information
* Smartboard and computer(s)
* mini video camcorder
* word processing software
* Tool Factory Movie Maker software
* Pre-recorded Public Service Announcements from Internet

Instructional Procedures:
Anticipatory Set:
Students will watch various, appropriate Public Service Announcements (PSAs) from these sites: http://adcouncil.org/ and http://www.cca-kids.ca/psas/index.html (Concerned Children's Advertisers). Discuss the various announcements: What were the announcements about? How did they grab your attention? How long did they last? What types of effects were used? Do you think you can change anyone's views about issues such as these? Tell the students that they will be writing and filming Public Service Announcements to attempt to influence others' ideas about their researched topics.

* On the Smartboard, model the script writing process. Think aloud about how you select ideas for the announcement. Write a story map for the script using the students' help.
* Show the students the format for their scripts and how to set them up using the wordprocessing software.
* Preview the rubric with the students. Send them to work in their groups to plan and write a Public Service Announcement to communicate their research and influence the audience about their particular issue.
* Meet with each group as they work to help develop ideas as well as edit and revise.
* Students read through their scripts as a group. They should work on expression, fluency, and finding distinctive voices. Pair up two groups to read through scripts to each other and offer suggestions.
* Using the mini camcorder, take small groups to quiet place to record their PSA.
* Demonstrate how to use Tool Factory Movie Maker to create and edit the final film for the PSA.
* Meet with the groups as they work to help them develop, edit and revise their film.

Teacher will assess the PSAs using the following rubric:
Rubric for the Public Service Announcement (PSA) Point value Points earned
Research Includes at least five facts about the issue 10
Research Includes at least five ways to address the issue 10
Demonstrates understanding of the issue 10
Correct use of 6th 8th grade grammar and spelling 5
Script written and keyed in correct format 5
PSA includes at least two sound effects 2
PSA includes at least two transition effects 2
PSA includes a problem and solution 2
PSA includes a beginning, middle and end 2
Cooperation within the group 2
Total Points 50

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This lesson will cross all curriculum depending on the issue that is chosen.
Links: The Ad Council
Concerned Children's Advertisers
Dream in Green
Stop Bullying
Internet Safety and Netiquette
Materials: Whiteboards, Flip Video, Projectors, Digital Voice Recorders, Microphones, PA Systems, Video Tools, CDs and DVDs, Printers, Camera/Video Accessories, Camera Bags, Flash/USB Drives, Tripods, Batteries, Memory Cards, Cables, LCD Monitors, Keyboards, Headsets, Mice, Writing, Office Suite, Word Processor, Podcasting, Keyboarding, Inspiration, Authoring and Publishing, Web Page, Slideshow, Screen Capture, Integrating Technology, Autism
Other Items: 1 Tool Factory Movie Maker Site License, $699.95 each, total of $699.95
1 Adventures in Technology!, $19.98 each, total of $19.98