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My Vision Is A Verb

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Keywords: brainstorming, book making, ENGLISH, writing, spelling, grammar, collaboration, technology
Subject(s): Reading, History, Writing, Journalism, Grammar, Early Learning, Technology, Spelling, Social Skills, Animation, Photography, Business, Information Skills, English/Language Arts
Grades P-K through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Rising Star Christian Academy, Wake Forest, NC
Planned By: Roxanne Knight
Original Author: Roxanne Knight, Wake Forest
1. Visit RealTimeBoard.com to create a collaboration board for your classroom. Create an individual page for each student within the classroom board. Students should brainstorm and collaborate with each other via this program. Using Real Time Board will allow the teacher to track the students' progress and post questions or comments to help them with their writing process.

2. Students will brainstorm a list of things that they want to accomplish in this life.

3. Remind or teach students that a verb is something that you do, it is action. Explain to the students that dreams come true when we work towards accomplishing them. Encourage them to understand that not all visions are created equal. Some dreams and visions take longer to accomplish, but with the right motivation, flexibility, and work; the dreams can come true.

4. Ask students to put the list in order of importance or priority.

5. Each student will research and document what steps they may have to take to see their dream or vision come true. (For example: what education might be required, will there be an upfront investment, others who have reached a similar goal, etc)

6. Ask students to choose the number one item from their list to write about. Encourage and support the students if they change the vision to write about.

7. Help your students setup accounts in Zoo Burst and/or Story Jumper for creating their book. Zoo Burst allows students in grades K-12 to create 3-D online pop-up books. Story Jumper allows students to create 1-D online books. Students are able to purchase final copies of their books from either company, if they choose. Both software programs also allow the books to be emailed to parents or friends.

8. Schedule time each day for students to work on their books until they feel confident in the final copy. Allow students to be editors and proofreaders for each other. Discuss with the students how to give constructive criticism to each other, while empower each other. Encourage the students to be creative and add as much detail as possible to each page of their book.

9. Explain what a business plan is to the middle and high school students. Let them know that their book is like a business plan for their vision. Encourage them to update and/or change their books as the path to their vision changes. Some of the students may have visions of starting their own business some day, and this part of the lesson will help them understand the need for a business plan.

Since students will be running 3 different programs to create their book for this lesson, it is important that their computers be able to run at appropriate speeds to avoid equipment frustrations. Our classroom has dated laptops that run fairly slow, and we don't have enough computers for all of the students to participate at once, so we are in need of 10 laptop computers to really see this lesson be successful for each student.
Begin a journey of helping students accomplish visions and dreams that they have. Throughout the entire process of creating the book, help students work towards accomplishing the goal they chose to write about. Ask the students to update their Real Time Board page each time they make a step towards accomplishing their goal. On the last school day of each month, have a group meeting to discuss how the students feel about their progress toward their goals. Encourage students to offer suggestions to each other as support.
Links: Real Time Board
Story Jumper
Zoo Burst
Materials: Clip Art, Assessment, Authoring and Publishing, Inspiration, Books, Early Learning, Writing, Literacy, Reading, English/Language Arts, Point and Shoot, Whiteboards, Integrating Technology, Switch Software, Speech and Language
Other Items: 10 Laptop Computers, $400 each, total of $4000.00