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Talking a Walk... Out and About

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Goal: $375.00
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The proceeds of this fundraiser would go toward the purchase of 6 Fitbit activity trackers.

The Trackers will be kept by our P.E. teachers and distributed for Field Trips, classroom projects, etc.

The data collected will be used in classroom lessons such as Healthy Living, P.E., Math (measurement, data, graphing, operations, creating real world multi-step word problems), and Language Arts extension projects.

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Talking a Walk... Out and About
Talking a Walk... Out and About
Goal $375.00, $0.00 raised

Sharon Thomas
Morehead Montessori School
Why I Teach: In 15 years of teaching I have yet to be able to come up with anything other than one single selfish reason... the look on a child's face when he finally understands he "matters", he "can", He "will".... Well, that makes me smile and grateful to have been able to whitness the moment.