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Here is the technology that Mike Thompson has acquired through Digital Wish:
Here is the grant that I have won through Digital Wish: End of School Push - 11/2008
Mr. Mike Thompson
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Pike County Middle School
Manchester, Georgia
Class Information:
Room Number: 621
Students per Class: average class size around 20 students
Class Description:
My art classes are seperated by grade level. In sixth grade our focus is on the elements of design. We learn these principles through a series of hands on projects. My seventh grade classes focus on sculpture. We study the different types of sculpture from the ancient Egyptians to contemporary works. My eigth grade classes concentrate on drawing and painting skills. Studio projects range from realistic drawings to Op Art and digital self portraits.
Art Teacher
We have only one computer in our classroom and the digital cameras in our library are outdated. They only save on floppy discs, We really need some new digital cameras and photo enhancing software.
My Philosophy:
Art is such an awesome subject and I strive to instill a love for the arts in my students by exposing them to artworks from different cultures and time periods. I like to incorporate as many hands on studio projects that I can squeeze into a semester. I want my students to experience art by creating original artworks themselves.
Personal Information:
About Me:
My name is Mike Thompson and I grew up in Manchester, Georgia. I have been teaching Art at Pike County Middle School for the past fourteen years. I coach middle school football and I love the outdoors. My family loves to travel and we spend as much time as we can at the beach every summer.
College and Degrees:
Bachelor's Degree in Art Education- University of Georgia, 1994 I am currently working on my Masters Degree in Integrating Technology and Curriculum online from Grand Canyon University. I will be finished in February of 2009
fishing, camping, enjoying watching my girls play travel soccer and basketball.
Favorite Books:
Kon Tiki, by Thor Heyerdahl Salty Piece of Land, by Jimmy Buffett White Cargo, by Stuart Woods who grew up in my hometown of Manchester.
Favorite Quotes:
"Be more concerned of your character than your reputation, because your character is who you really are, and your reputation is merely what others think you are" John Wooden
creating pottery, playing the guitar, reading good books
Employment History:
Gas Station Attendant 1982-1985 Assortmentof jobs during college ranging from pizza delivery to making clocks, camp counselor during summers Produce Delivery Truck Driver 1992 1994 Middle School Art Teacher- 1994- current
Why Do I Teach?:
I love kids. I have always loved working with kids, when I was in high school I helped coach recreation football. During college, I worked as a camp counselor during summer breaks. I love teaching middle school because I teach the kids for three years and I witness so much growth during that time. It is the most dynamic age group to work with.