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Raised: $950.00
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The 4th and 5th grade science teachers are currently trying to start up science blogs with the students. KidBlog accounts are being set up for each of the 8 classes. This site allows them to safely upload pictures, links, and videos, as well as simply post comments and observations, and respond to what other students in the class write. The hope is that the students can take pictures and videos of their investigations, do interviews, make how-to videos, and other projects that we are currently unable to complete due to a lack of supplies. We are hoping to raise enough to buy something like the Toshiba Mobile Video Lab, which would provide us with 12 video cameras and everything to go with them. Another reason for this project is that parents are currently having difficulty seeing what we are doing in science class since there are no textbooks, and it's all hands-on...this way they could see exactly what their child is learning about, allowing parents to further discuss the investigations with the students at home. Please help us create this safe, online environment where kids can show everyone what they are doing using the latest technology. We appreciate your help!

Share This Link: http://www.digitalwish.com/westterrace

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Simone Elmi $25.00 1
lori reed $100.00 0
Justin Alexander $25.00 0
Robb & Renee Frimming $100.00 0
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Angie Hargett $50.00 0
Lori Feil $25.00 0
Suzie Pace $25.00 0
Stacy Daniel $25.00 0
Denise Strawn $25.00 0
Saeid and Debbie Elmi $100.00 1
Kapil Sheth $100.00 0
Anonymous $50.00 1
WT Parents $200.00 0
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Science Blogs
Science Blogs
Goal $3,000.00, $950.00 raised

Simone Elmi
West Terrace Elementary School
Classroom Description: I teach 4th and 5th grade math and science.

Top Wishes:
Toshiba Waterproof Video Mobile Lab - Video cameras for the whole class!
Toshiba Waterproof Video Mobile Lab - Video cameras for the whole class!
Kingston 8GB SD Memory Card
Kingston 8GB SD Memory Card