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As a special education preschool teacher I believe that an IPAD could greatly help my students achieve their IEP goals as well increase engagement, language development, and academic readiness skills. There are hundreds of applications specifically developed for children with special needs (like Handwriting without Tears, TV Teacher, Story Builder, Conversation Builder, etc.). I have seen how this tool can enhance learning and I am eager to help my students achieve success with this innovative piece of technology.

Thank you,

Katie Shea
Preschool Special Education Teacher

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IPADs for Unique Minds
IPADs for Unique Minds
Goal $500.00, $525.00 raised

Katie Shea
Waples Mill Elementary School

Top Wishes:
Student Animal-Themed Headphones
Student Animal-Themed Headphones
Squishy Big Grips Frame for iPad 2 & 3
Squishy Big Grips Frame for iPad 2 & 3