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Nature of Geometry

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Keywords: Powerpoint, photography, math, geometry
Subject(s): Math, Geometry, Technology
Grades 4 through 5
School: Bonne Ecole Elementary School, Slidell, LA
Planned By: Donna Jones
Original Author: Donna Jones, Slidell
This lesson requires common knowledge of how to use a digital camera and a basic understanding of 12 geometric terms.

Students are put into pairs and given one digital camera and half of the list (6 geometric terms.) On the playground or recess area, students are asked to find real life examples of the geometric terms on their list and take a picture of them.

They must then load the pictures onto a computer in a file with their names and save them for later use. In the next class period, two of the pairs are put into a group of four to develop a Powerpoint presentation using all twelve terms, their definition, and pictures. With one pair working on the computer at a time, have the students create a different slide for each term, including on it the term, definition, and picture.

When completed, the next pair adds their six terms to the same presentation. When complete, a title and author slide must be added. The presentation is checked for spelling and correctness. These presentations are later presented to the class. Everyone learns from each other and can see a different perspective each term.
This lesson was completed with fourth graders who already had a basic knowledge of how to use Powerpoint and how to add pictures to their slides. I also paired them up with a fifth grade class to act as mentors in finding pictures on the playground. We later presented our finished presentations to that fifth grade class.

One more hint: Make sure the cameras are numbered and the students record the number of the camera they have used on to a project sheet with their names. This way, if the pictures are not immediately downloaded, they can be quickly identified by number and not mixed up with another groups'.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This type of lesson can be used with any subject and vocabulary!!
Presentations can be made to any class studying the same material.
Materials: Slideshow, Flash/USB Drives, Camera Bags, Mobile Labs