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Keywords: Flip Video, geometry, shapes, math, project based learning, quadrilaterals, triangles, measurement
Subject(s): Geometry, Math
Grades 3 through 5
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Mechanicsville Elem School, Mechanicsville, VA
Planned By: Jamie Mullenaux
Original Author: Jamie Mullenaux, Mechanicsvlle
This lesson is designed to be implemented after one day of instruction on key geometric terms. This plan emphasizes the vocabulary terms polygon, quadrilateral, parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, and square; however, the vocabulary can be modified to meet curriculum and class needs.

- The student will be able to explain the key traits of geometric vocabulary.
- The student will be able to analyze his/her surroundings and identify examples of geometric concepts in the school environment.

Anticipatory Set:
Present the class with the following scenario - "Our class has been contracted by a film company to create short movies to teach geometry to other fourth grade classes. The specifications provided by the company are as follows: We must provide specific examples and explanations of geometry in our school environment with the following vocabulary incorporated into our movie - polygon, quadrilateral, parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, and square. Today you will be working with a partner to record footage that will be edited and compiled into a movie tomorrow which we will present to the film company for final submission."

Direct Instruction:
Provide students with a list of vocabulary listed in anticipatory set and review as a class. Encourage students to take notes or use notes from previous day's instruction to assist in shape identification.

Guided Practice:
Demonstrate expectations by asking students "Can you find an example of a square in our room?" When a square has been identified, ask class to identify the characteristics that make it a square (polygon with 4 equivalent sides and 4 right angles). Select a student volunteer to record a classmate saying these distinguishing characteristics while pointing to the square. Ask students "What other names can a square be given?" (quadrilateral, rhombus, rectangle, parallelogram) Select a new set of students to model recording. Repeat with other shapes until teacher is confident that students understand the process.

Independent Practice:
Provide each pair of students with a flip camera. Students will use the flip camera to locate geometric shapes within the classroom and explain shape characteristics. Students will alternate roles as recorder and narrator as they hunt around the classroom. Move the class to various locations (outside, gym, cafeteria, etc.) to look for more examples. Monitor students to check for proper identification and explanation (correct and complete) of essential characteristics. The following day, students will use editing software to edit movies and splice the clips together into one movie. Videos will be shared with the class as a "final submission to the film company" (per anticipatory set) and loaded to the class website for later viewing at home and school. Videos will also be made available for other fourth grade teachers to share with their classes.

This lesson can be adjusted for any geometric terms. In addition, it could be used for measurement benchmarks where students find examples of items that are approximate lengths.
Materials: Flip Video