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Digital Citizenship Curriculum for Elementary Schools
for schools under 250 students
Based on the implementation of 1:1 computing in 28 schools, Digital Wish designed a technology curriculum to comprehensively cover the NETS standards. Digital Citizenship, the first unit in the series, provides clear instruction on cyber safety through class instruction, video activities, and student projects. After this unit, students will be well-prepared to use technology in a safe, respectful, and responsible way. $199.00
Digital Wish's IT Curriculum: Media Creation and Presentation Unit - School Site License
Single Unit
In the Media Creation and Presentation Unit, students learn appropriate ways to create digital presentations for their specific audience. Using programs like PowerPoint, Prezi, and OneNote, students and teachers learn a variety of ways to present engaging projects, take digital notes, gather content in a digital notebook, and find what they need quickly from the Internet. $199.00
Nikon Coolpix L28 Digital Camera (refurbished)
Single Unit
Looking for simple technology and affordability? Look no further than the Nikon Coolpix L28. For many classrooms too much technology can be overwhelming, but this fun and easy to use camera makes it simple. $79.95
Spirit Listening Center with Sound Alert
Single Unit
Help students learn how loud is too loud. This innovative learning center pairs Califone's best-selling Spirit Multimedia Player/Recorder with a Sound Alert jackbox and six noise reducing headphones. When the volume played through the jackbox exceeds 85dB, its red light flashes, warning students to turn down the potentially dangerous volume level. $299.00
Digital Wish's IT Curriculum: Business Exploration - School Site License
Single Unit
In the Business Development Unit, students will brainstorm what makes a business successful, evaluate company websites, and create a business plan of their own. In the last two lessons of the unit, students will use Microsoft Publisher to create a brochure promoting their mock-company. $199.00
Cubelets SIX Kit Robot Blocks
Single Unit
$159.95vendor image
Digital Wish's IT Curriculum: Classroom Collaboration & Debate Unit - School Site License
Single Unit
In the Classroom Collaboration and Debate Unit, students will become editors of their own classroom wiki or other collaborative website. The right wiki program will allow students to post questions, pictures for analysis, or documents for group editing. They will also be able to see their classmates’ work and give feedback digitally, creating a classroom environment that gives all students a voice and nourishes and fosters fresh ideas. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to practice good digital citizenship. Step by step, students can be trained not only on how to use the technology, but also how to use it appropriately in a collaborative setting. $199.00
iPad Storage and Charging Cart - 36 capacity
Single Unit
Dash and Dot Robots Wonder Pack
Dash and Dot w/Wonder Pack
$279.95vendor image
Cubelets Battery
Single Unit
$39.95vendor image