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Students Can Get Career Advice From Fortune500 Executives by Email – Through April on Digital Wish
Posted by Jonathan Gallup at 05:21:05 PM Tue 04/09/2013
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Manchester Center, VT, April 9, 2013 – Invite your students to email career questions to [email protected], throughout the month of April. Students will get responses from real professionals working at one of the largest corporations in America. Every email is screened to remove personal information before it's sent to the volunteers - so it's safe for students. Sign up here and then get an entire class to email their career questions. Responses are typically returned within one school day. Digital Wish has teamed up with The Community Corps, a nonprofit that mobilizes thousands of corporate volunteers each year to bring this great program to schools.

“This a great opportunity for a teacher to assign a class writing project - especially given the proximity to summer when kids will be seeking jobs,” said Heather Chirtea, Digital Wish’s founder. “Teachers can invite an entire class of students to email in their career questions and executives will send answers from the field.”  A team of volunteers is standing by to help. Digital Wish invites teachers to take advantage of this totally free program.


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There’s no sign-up required, but you’ll want to make sure you can receive email from Digital Wish. Simply enter your email address at this link and you’ll get a confirmation email to ensure help gets through the school’s spam filter.



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