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Double Your Dollars with Digital Wish’s February Fundraising Contest
Posted by Kendra Ericson at 08:10:39 PM Thu 01/22/2009
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If you’re wishing for classroom technology, now is your chance to fundraise your way to success. From now through February 28th, the teacher who raises the most funds for his or her classroom will receive up to $100 in matching funds from Digital Wish and a copy of Tool Factory Workshop V3 (valued at $199.95). Five additional top-fundraising teachers will receive a copy of Tool Factory Workshop V3 (valued at $199.95).

So, where do you begin?

1) Beef up your profile. Use your wish list to tell donors why your classroom needs technology, and how you plan to use it.

2) Spread the word. Print your wish list along with a letter to parents, friends, or the PTA that states how to donate to your class at www.digitalwish.org. Or, simply email your wish list to parents or local community members. Make sure that your community knows that even the smallest donations add up.

3) To get your community involved, have students write letters to local businesses, stating why they need technology to succeed. These letters should also direct potential donors to your profile.

The rules? They’re simple. The teacher who raises the most for his or her classroom on www.digitalwish.org by midnight EST on 02/28/09 wins!

To get a list of other fundraising ideas, check out our fundraising page here:
Just be sure that all donations are made through Digital Wish’s site to ensure that they qualify.

If you have any questions or need any suggestions, please feel free to contact Kendra Ericson at 802-375-6721 or kendra@digitalwish.org.

Happy fundraising!

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