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Recycle Forward
Posted by Jon Ketchum at 03:17:59 PM Thu 03/18/2010
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Digital Wish has joined forces with one of the country's leading electronics recycling company, Cartridges for Kids (CFK), to offer the Recycle Forward fundraising campaign. Recycle Forward is a program where YOU, the educator, can start your own campaign for your technology wish list items by recycling old electronics and ink cartridges for cash!

Thats right!  Just by asking community members and local businesses to move their used electronics out of closets, you will raise money to move the technology you need into the classroom!

Register now: Just login to your Digital Wish account and click on the “Recycle Forward” banner from your “My Account” page. Schools and community members can register for free at www.recycleforwardnow.org.

How does the program work? We provide you with flyers and PR materials for an easy-to-launch campaign to spread the word to community members. Anyone can register for free at www.recyclforwardnow.org. Just print posters, set up a collection box, and circulate flyers to publicize the drop location. Free, pre-paid shipping labels can be printed from the website, and the items ship directly to Cartridges for Kids for processing. All of the money earned from recycling drive will automatically appear in the school’s Digital Wish account.

With the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day approaching on April 22 this is the perfect time to kick-start your campaign!

Visit http://www.recycleforwardnow.org to learn more about the program, watch a video, and to sign up!

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