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No More Pencils, No More Books
Posted by Jon Ketchum at 04:05:48 PM Wed 11/04/2009
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Published by: Jon Ketchum

Thinking back to the ‘glory days’ of my high school career I can remember four things vividly, my friends, my teachers, my homework and oddly enough, my worn backpack. Although the last nostalgic component may seem a bit out of place, this back-bound essential was my lifesaver. It was the one tool that would allow me to ‘mule’ my many textbooks between classes.

Because of the geographic location of my locker I seldom visited the storage space between classes. Instead, my canvas backpack doubled as a temporary supply stash between multiple periods. However, after just one week of toting my essentials everywhere I went, I dreamt of a technology that would remedy my then need for Bengay muscle relief after a long day at school.

My latent prayers were answered when the introduction of a student laptop, or netbook entered the education market recently. Not only are these ‘bite-sized’ machines easy to handle, they’re also an extremely effective ‘notebook.’ These machines enable students to create, publish and most importantly share class work no matter the curriculum. The sheer functionality of a netbook can foster great ingenuity and collaboration within any classroom.

Affordability is another tremendous feature of these lightweight student aides. For about as much as the typical student would spend in stationary over their 4-year high school career they could purchase a netbook. Teachers also appreciate the affordability of these classroom tools as they offer the perfect platform to engage students when introducing new concepts.

Needless to say, I am ever envious of today’s back-packless students, who can simply hold a magazine-sized think tank against their side.

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