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Digital Wish -Test School
3336 Sunderland Hill Road
Sunderland, VT 05250

County: Bennington
School Type: Public
District: BRSU
Grades: P-K to 12
Website: Digital Wish -Test School
Phone: 802-375-6549
Fax: 802-375-6860

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Mr. Gordon Woodrow
Ms. Eric Bird
Mr. Jonathan Gallup
Ms. Sarah Jost
Mrs. Amanda Stevens
Ms. Doggie Madison
Mr. Marshall Roslyn
Mr. Alan Alda
Ms. Heather Chirtea
Ms. Zeev Klein
Ms. Bill Leo
Ms. Dave Willard
Ms. Matthew Dattilo
Ms. Sandy Brown
Mr. Jon Smith
Ms. Jane Doe
Ms. Jane Doe
Mr. Fred Mulberry
Ms. Betty Fordham
Ms. Brad Meyers
Mr. Jason Perry
Ms. Hugo Guzman
Ms. Heather Chirtea
Mr. Stanley Martin
Ms. Betty Butter
Ms. Bander McCoy
Ms. tubs mcCoy
Ms. Heather Chirtea
Ms. Batisha Bellweather
Ms. Katie Hunter
Mr. Michael Smith
Mr. Sky Kochenour
Ms. Celia Olson
Mr. Mark Litwa
Ms. Heather Chirtea
Mr. Tom Brady
Ms. Rebekah Skovron
Ms. Heather Chirtea
Ms. Heather Chirtea
Mr. andrew smith
Mr. Adrian Woodrow
Ms. Beth Marshall

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Recent Activity
 Gordon Woodrow has donated $5255.96 to Joanna Cohen Dec 15, 2020
 andrew smith has added Acer Chromebook 11 C731-Touch 4GB- refurbished to their wishlist Aug 26, 2020
 Gordon Woodrow has donated $400.00 to Ariel Shelley May 18, 2020
 Digital Wish has awarded the Teacher Appreciation Week Grant grant to Heather Chirtea May 11, 2020
 Heather Chirtea has added the lesson plans 1st Grade Memories and "The Five Life Zone Research Project" Apr 27, 2020
 Gordon Woodrow has added new grants: and Ford Motor Company Fund Feb 22, 2020
 Gordon Woodrow has donated $178.00 to Jamie Lee Teacher Sep 13, 2019
 Gordon Woodrow has rated the lesson plans LEGO Learning Station and More Interaction Aug 25, 2019
 Gordon Woodrow has rated the lesson plan Write My Name Aug 25, 2019