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Grateful Teachers Share Donation Stories Made Possible by International Cars, Ltd.
Posted by John Sullivan at 04:57:19 PM Wed 12/22/2010
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Manchester Center, VT - December 9th, 2010 - Digital Wish dispersed $10,000 in donations from International Cars, Ltd.'s "National Back to School" month celebration. This past August, the International Cars, Ltd. (ICL) family of dealerships-including Honda North, Porsche of Stratham, Audi Stratham, Dover Honda and Dover Chevrolet- asked its customers and community to join them in celebrating "National Back to School" month. For each vehicle sold throughout the month of August, each of ICL's six dealerships pledged to donate $100 to local schools through Digital Wish. In September, Digital Wish received $10,000 to distribute to various New England classrooms, and some very grateful teachers are sharing how they plan to use the donation funds.
Angi Manning-Welch, a teacher at the New Franklin School in Portsmouth, NH, said she plans to use the money to obtain a PA system for an annual project in Boston.

"Students research different topics that match up with stops along the Freedom Trail in Boston, and then turn their research into an expository speech. In the spring each year, all 5th graders go to Boston and give their speech along the trail. We hope that the Teacher PA system we were able to purchase because of the ICL donation, will allow all students to be heard over the sounds of the city!"

Jen Lapham, a teacher at Newbury Elementary School, was incredibly grateful for the donation and had many different ideas!

"We were thrilled to receive two Flip Cameras and add such fun technology to our class. I'm planning on using the cameras for activities such as: Reader's Theater, "documentaries" about Rocks and Minerals and Plant Life, theater productions about colonial life in Massachusetts, reading fluency practice, and so much more! I'm working with our technology director to see how we can even upload videos to our school website so that parents and classmates can view our creativity."

Heather Chirtea, Digital Wish executive president and founder, said, "Digital Wish is very grateful to International Cars, Ltd. for holding this wonderful promotion, but nothing can compare to the joy and excitement these teachers are feeling by having their wishes granted! The students are the true beneficiaries. "

Classrooms that received donations have written heartfelt, handmade thank you cards to International Cars, Ltd. for their generous program to help Digital Wish solve technology shortfalls in classrooms across America.

About International Cars, Ltd:

International Cars, Ltd. is an employee owned company comprised of five New England area dealerships. The New Hampshire locations include: Dover Honda, Dover Chevrolet, Dover Auto World Collision Center; Porsche of Stratham and Audi Stratham. Honda North is located in Danvers, Massachusetts. The International Cars' team, company-wide, is one that values ownership, accountability, and the importance of high-level service and customer satisfaction.

International Cars is headquartered at Honda North in Danvers, MA and is the recipient of several industry awards, including the 2007 Governor's Highway Safety Association Peter K. O'Rourke Special Achievement Award and the Time Magazine 2006 Quality Dealer Award. Honda North is a 3-time Honda President's Award winner, which is the most prestigious honor that Honda can grant to one of its dealerships. Dover Auto World in NH is a two-time President's Award winner. Audi Stratham is a 2009 recipient of the Magna Society Award from Audi of America for excellence in customer service and performance. International Cars has also earned several AACE (Annual Award for Communications Excellence) Awards through The National ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) Association.

The Employee Owners of International Cars, Ltd. take great pride in supporting charitable based initiatives that directly impact their local communities. This type of involvement is an integral part of the success of employee ownership. For more information on International Cars, please call Ebben Zall Group at 781-449-3244 or visit www.iclautos.com.

About Digital Wish
Digital Wish is a non-profit on a mission to solve technology shortfalls in K-12 classrooms. The www.digitalwish.org website is designed to help teachers locate much-needed funding for classroom technology. In addition to awarding over fifty grants this year, Digital Wish provides a host of fundraising ideas and allows teachers to e-mail and print their technology wish lists so that parents and community members can contribute.


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