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Animation Enthusiasts - Get a Microsoft Webcam Free, When You Buy Stop Motion Pro Studio HD on Digital Wish!
Posted by Sky Kochenour at 09:42:44 PM Tue 11/15/2011
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Manchester Center, VT- November 15, 2011 - If you want to engage your students, just assign an animation project! Educators who buy Stop Motion Pro Studio HD animation software will receive a free Microsoft high-definition webcam ($39.99 value). Stop Motion Pro is so easy to use, that students from 3rd grade onwards can shoot impressive frame-by-frame animation sequences using nothing more than simple mouse clicks. The frames are automatically assembled and played back in a flip-book style sequence. Teachers and their supporters can purchase the software and get their free webcam here: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=9212

Used in the filming of Aardman Animation Studio's Wallace & Gromit films, Stop Motion Pro makes it easy for students to produce high-quality animation projects. The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 Webcam works seamlessly with the software to shoot frames of animation using clay figures, or to capture time lapse photography.

“I’ve been having a blast using Stop Motion Pro together with the Microsoft camera to make animation sequences.” said Digital Wish’s founder and executive director Heather Chirtea. “Last night, I took a time lapse sequence of a flower blooming.  I set up the webcam to take a photo every 20 minutes while I slept.  This morning, I woke up and watched an amazing video sequence of the flower blooming. It was so easy!  This should be at the top of the  Christmas list for any teacher.”   

The webcam will not only help students record footage to use with the animation software, but it also allows for a whole range of new classroom lessons and activities.  The bendable foot can be hung from any surface, and the cord is long enough to make camera set-up a breeze. It’s perfect for capturing video interviews as well.

According to Chirtea, “We created a video of a magic carpet flying through the woods. I hooked the camera to a branch, sat my actor on a table with a carpet draped over the top, and shot 30 individual frames moving the table a little further forward, with each shot.  Then I used a paint program to erase the table legs on every frame.  When I played it back, the magic carpet flew through the air.”

Digital Wish is proud to be able to offer teachers the free webcam during the holiday season.  Get the Stop Motion Pro animation bundle and many more special educator discounts at www.digitalwish.org.

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