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High School SAT Prep Grant is Available Now from Digital Wish and Vocab Videos
Posted by John Sullivan at 03:30:11 PM Mon 03/28/2011
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Manchester Center, VT- March 28th, 2011- Enhance your high school classroom's "nomenclature" this SAT season with a FREE Vocab Videos subscription. For the next two weeks, every high school teacher who registers on Digital Wish and tells at least one friend about Digital Wish will receive a classroom subscription to Vocab Videos, valued at $135. Simply visit www.digitalwish.org, register, and the grant instructions will be automatically sent to the registrant. The subscription covers an entire classroom of up to 40 students. High school teachers already registered on Digital Wish will also receive this grant.

Vocab Videos is a revolutionary new vocabulary system from A-List Education that brings essential high school and SAT vocabulary words to life. The online platform was developed by a group of educators frustrated by the lack of high quality and affordable vocabulary resources. Their solution came in the form of hilarious short videos illustrating the meanings of crucial, frequently-tested SAT vocabulary words. Episodes feature entertaining characters and parodies of popular TV shows, making learning vocabulary words fun for students. The Vocab Videos package includes an extensive video library that reinforces learning for over 500 vocabulary words, plus quizzes, worksheets, a multimedia flashcard maker, and a teacher dashboard for monitoring individual student and class progress.

Vocab Videos takes away the stress of vocabulary preparation and engages students in the learning process with fun spins on dictionary definitions, showing students what the words mean instead of just telling them. The video content and words are appropriate for grades 9 through 12, which is why Digital Wish is only making this available to high school classrooms.

High school faculty must act quickly to take advantage of this special grant opportunity, as it is only available to educators who register with Digital Wish in the next two weeks or who have already registered. After the grant period passes, teachers will still be able to purchase or have Vocab Videos subscriptions donated to them through Digital Wish, but it will be for the full cost of the year-long subscription service ($135).

"We are very excited to facilitate this grant opportunity for every high school teacher in the country," said Heather Chirtea, executive director and founder of Digital Wish, "These Vocab Videos subscription grants will help thousands of students across the country prepare for the SAT this spring."

After teachers register with Digital Wish, they will be provided with a link to the Vocab Videos registration page. From there, they will be able to create their free teacher and 40 student accounts after referring at least one friend to Digital Wish. The trial subscription will run through June 15, 2011 and then automatically expire, unless the teacher elects to renew the service.

About Digital Wish
Digital Wish is a non-profit on a mission to solve technology shortfalls in K-12 classrooms. DigitalWish.org is designed to help teachers locate much-needed funding for classroom technology. In addition to making over 23,000 wishes come true for American educators, Digital Wish provides a host of fundraising ideas and allows teachers to craft a technology wish list so that parents and community members can make a classroom contribution and invest in America's future.

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