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Digital Wishes Can Come True!
Posted by Jon Ketchum at 02:17:06 PM Thu 05/06/2010
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When Dozier Elementary relocated back to their school plant in August of 2009, goals were set to help the school begin rebuilding by acquiring digital cameras, attaining computers and software and gaining flip cameras for the school.  Through months of work, some of their set goals are surfacing, showing that “digital wishes” can come true!

On Friday, April 23rd, Dozier teachers and students experienced a double surprise for their technology program. The morning began at a faculty meeting when Robert Vincent, President of the 4th of July Association was on hand to donate $1000 to a classroom teacher for technology. Chosen for the classroom donation was 5th grade teacher, Suzette Stutes. The criteria used in the selection was  (a) student use of technology in her classroom the past few years  (b) maintaining an OnCourse web page and her own website (c) a need for updated computers (d) Professional Development (LaTel Course and more). With the donation, three CPU’s were purchased and one flat screen monitor. Dozier Elementary teachers then picked up money amongst themselves and her “Dozier” friends were able to give Stutes an additional five flat screen monitors. With the 3 CPU’s she currently had, the three additional CPU’s and the six new flat screen monitors, Stutes now has a complete set up of six updated computers. In addition to the computers, Suzette Stutes recently learned that she won Digital Wish Novel Writing Grant, which offers $1000 of software. The Tool Factory network license can be used by the entire school.

About an hour later, KATC TV 3 news crew visited Dozier Elementary to share student digital cameras purchased through the “Tools for Schools” program.  Through Borden and Home Bank, the school was given 3 digital student cameras and 2 flip cameras. KATC TV 3 was able to easily purchase the cameras through the Digital Wish Foundation on Dozier Elementary’s website. On hand to make the donation were KATC TV 3 Reporter Tracy Wiertz, cameramen Jude Chiasson and John Melancon. Dale Soileau and Elsie from Borden and Jennifer LeMeunier from Home Bank were all present for the “Schools for Tools” presentation. Lori Porter’s 4th grade and Amy Champagne’s 1st grade classrooms were visited.

With other community and parent donations, Digital Wish has connected parent and community donations as well. With additional cash donations, earmarked for the school, purchased were two more student cameras and accessories for all five new cameras. (Memory cards, bags, chargers and mini tripods.) With the one flip camera already in the school, they now have three flip cameras for student projects and five student digital cameras as well.

Parents have also generously donated both software and cash to the school through Digital Wish. Digital Wish is a foundation that matches schools, teachers and donors.  At this time Stacy Broussard, Lori Porter, Maleigha Viator, Jennifer Toups and Jenny Domingues have received cash donations.  In addition to one parent purchased five computer licenses of “Reading for Meaning” software for Jennifer Toups classes and six licenses for math software for Maleigha Viator’s students.

Principal Karla Toups and Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert and the teachers are appreciative of all donations. They encourage anyone interested in helping to look at the Digital Wish link on their website @ http://www.vrml.k12.la.us/dozier. Tech Specialist and volunteer Stacy Bodin stated “with upcoming budget cuts here, any help with the technology program would be appreciated.” Bodin also stated that “upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2nd-8th) would be an opportune time use the Digital Wish program to help the teachers.”

With a total of over $4000 of technology items donated to the school since they their launched their Digital Wish/Technology Campaign” in February,  it is obvious that Dozier Elementary now believes that “digital wishes can really come true!”
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