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Digital Wish and Dell are bringing new technology and training to Nashua!
Posted by Jonathan Gallup at 06:36:53 PM Mon 10/08/2012
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Digital Wish and Dell are bringing new technology and training to Nashua!

(Nashua, NH)-- The fourth grade students in Miss Scurrah’s class at Amherst Street Elementary School and the fifth grade students in Mrs. Porter’s class at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School will receive an amazing gift on Thursday, October 18, 2012—Dell laptop computers to use at school during the year!  The distribution of these powerful portable computers is part of the package of services Nashua is receiving after being selected by Digital Wish and the Dell Powering the Possible giving program.

Dell Powering the Possible makes a commitment to put technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet. It prepares youth for success in a highly globalized, technological society at school, work and life through access to technology solutions and the development of information and communication technology (ICT) skills.  In addition, Dell team members volunteer their time and expertise to help grant recipients and serve as role models and mentors to youth.
Digital Wish was selected as one of the Dell Powering the Possible recipients in order to implement their School Modernization Initiative in the Nashua School District, specifically Amherst Street and Mt. Pleasant Elementary Schools.

According to Digital Wish’s Executive Director, Heather Chirtea, "Digital Wish focuses on providing each child with equal access to technology and helping teachers make the best use of it as a way to improve learning.  After all the behind-the-scenes groundwork, we love to see the students’ expressions when they receive their very own Dell laptop computers to use at school for the year."

Eric Bird, Digital Wish’s Technology Integrator and Project Director for Nashua, has been visiting Miss Scurrah’s and Mrs. Porter’s classrooms on a weekly basis in anticipation of the arrival of the laptops.  Students and teachers have been learning about Digital Citizenship, Cyber Safety, and Acceptable Media Use.  Once the computers are in the students’ hands, Eric will continue weekly lessons throughout the school year to integrate current technologies into the existing curriculum.  Additionally, an after school club designed to promote community involvement is in the development stage which will bring Dell employee volunteers into the school, and in turn, help the school reach outward to the community.

For more information, visit
Dell Powering the Possible Program: www.dell.com/poweringthepossible
Digital Wish School Modernization Initiative: http://schoolmodernizationinitiative.wordpress.com/

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Jennifer Miller, [email protected]
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