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Recycle Electronics for Earth Day and Raise Money for Local Schools
Posted by Jon Ketchum at 02:02:38 PM Thu 04/22/2010
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Manchester Center, VT, April 22, 2010- Just in time for the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, Digital Wish and Cartridges for Kids have teamed up to launch Recycle Forward, a national green initiative that raises money for schools by recycling small electronics, cell phones, and ink cartridges.

This Earth Day, we invite businesses, community members, and schools nationwide to sign up at www.recycleforwardnow.org and start recycling electronics to reduce hazardous waste and raise money for our schools’ technology funds to help our children succeed in a global community. Digital Wish also donates an additional 2-10% back to a school after each purchase, making fundraised dollars stretch even further.

How does the program work?  Anyone can register for free at recycleforwardnow.org to start a campaign for local schools.  Step-by-step instructions and print-ready marketing materials are available online for an easy-to-implement campaign.  If you are a business, simply place a drop box in your lobby and encourage employee participation.  Individuals can ask local businesses to do the same and collect items for the campaign.  Free shipping labels can be printed online, making it simple to send in your collected items. Fundraised money will build in an online account to distribute to classrooms of your choice.  Your favorite schools will be able to use the funding on Digital Wish to purchase brand new classroom technology.

Recycle Forward is a unique opportunity for businesses and individuals to contribute to their favorite schools’ technology funds while reducing electronic waste and spreading eco-awareness. Anyone can register for free and run a Recycle Forward campaign.  Sign up today at www.recycleforwardnow.org.

About Cartridges for Kids
Cartridges for Kids is a recycling program that pays schools cash for cell phones, laser/inkjet cartridges, laptops, digital cameras, iPods, PDAs, video games & consoles, DVDs, and GPS devices.

About Digital Wish
Digital Wish is on a mission to modernize classrooms and prepare students for tomorrow's workforce. Digital Wish promotes the early adoption of technology in schools by providing a platform for teachers and educators to develop technology wish lists, share project plans, collaborate on best practices, and purchase technology in a cost-effective manner. By streamlining and targeting the process of giving, Digital Wish allows large and small-scale donors to directly impact their local schools. www.digitalwish.org

Program Contact: Lindsay McFillin, Development Manager
E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 802-375-6721 x209
Digital Wish Media Contact:
Jennifer Miller, [email protected]
Digital Wish
PO Box 255
Milton, DE 19968

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