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Recycle Electronics for Back-to-School and Get New Classroom Technology from Digital Wish!
Posted by John Sullivan at 06:27:48 PM Fri 09/17/2010
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Manchester Center, VT, September 17, 2010- Digital Wish and Cartridges for Kids are bringing Recycle Forward back-to-school this Fall.  Recycle Forward is a program that allows schools to raise money for technology by recycling cell phones, used electronics, and ink cartridges.  Participating schools can set up a community-wide recycling campaign to collect used equipment from parents and local businesses. 100% of the money earned is automatically matched with another 2%-10% in funding on Digital Wish to make teacher’s classroom technology wishes come true!

How does the program work? Schools and community members can register for free at www.recycleforwardnow.org. It only takes a few minutes to organize a campaign. Recycle Forward provides all the resources necessary to promote and run a successful recycling drive in any community. Just set up a collection box, then print posters and circulate flyers to publicize the drop location. Pre-paid shipping labels are provided to participants to ship items directly to Cartridges for Kids for processing. All of the money earned from recycling drive will automatically appear in the school’s Digital Wish account.

Recycle Forward streamlines the fundraising process so that 100% of the schools’ funding can be used to purchase new technology directly on Digital Wish, like an online bank account.  It doesn’t cost anything to participate, the shipping labels are free, and Digital Wish donates an additional 2-10% back to the classroom after each purchase, stretching fundraising dollars even further.

Schools and individual classrooms are invited to register and run a Recycle Forward campaign.  To learn more please visit: www.recycleforwardnow.org.

About Cartridges for Kids

Cartridges for Kids is a recycling program that pays schools cash for cell phones, laser/inkjet cartridges, laptops, digital cameras, iPods, PDAs, video games & consoles, DVDs and GPS devices.

About Digital Wish

Digital Wish is on a mission to modernize classrooms and prepare students for tomorrow's workforce. Digital Wish promotes the early adoption of technology within schools by providing a platform for teachers and educators to develop wish lists, share project plans, collaborate on best practices, and purchase technology in a cost-effective manner. And by streamlining and targeting the process of giving, Digital Wish allows large and small-scale donors to directly impact their local schools. www.digitalwish.org

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