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New Tools for Technology Funding
Posted by Amanda Stevens at 04:09:43 PM Thu 01/30/2014
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Free Webinar on Four Ways to Raise Money for Technology - Friday, Jan 31, 10:00 am EST.
We'll show you some fantastic tools for raising money for technology. Sign up, so we can send you all the information you need to participate. We'll show you great fundraising ideas including printed yearbooks, t-shirt drives, Recycle Forward, and how to find funding for technology through Digital Wish.

  • Digital Wish Technology Fundraiser - Make a wish list and share it through print, email, and Facebook to generate donations.
  • Printed Yearbook Fundraiser - Build a yearbook in record time online with fantastic design tools and generate funds for your technology needs.
  • T-Shirts for Technology - Sell high-quality screen printed tees with zero upfront costs and zero risk. We ship directly to buyers, you keep the profits for technology.
  • Recycle Forward - Get new technology for your classroom by recycling used electronics and ink cartridges for cash.

Sign up for the webinar here.
The recorded archive will be here afterwards. Read more.

Start a Yearbook Club - Here's how!
Read the new blog where we share tips from our after-school yearbook clubs. Start your own club to develop a printed yearbook online. With simple drag and drop skills, students can have a prominent role in yearbook design. Teach students the basics of graphic design, as well as, exploring the world of yearbook building online. Also starting at $8.49 for 20 pages, you can set your yearbook price and raise funds. Its a great way to fund technology in your schools. There's no minimum order on printed yearbooks. Get started.

Earn a Gift for Helping us Vote - Digital Wish could win $25,000 to help fund our classroom support programs in J.P. Morgan's Give-It-Away contest. If you can get a classroom of students to vote, please send me a note at [email protected]. We have some some nice classroom gifts available as a warm thanks for your help. You can also help by spreading the word to others. Please share the link with others by Facebook.

Technology deals and donation programs - Check out our current technology deals and promotions:

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