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2-for-1 Pricing for Teachers on the Vizit Interactive Photo Frame - Available on Digital Wish
Posted by John Sullivan at 05:00:52 PM Mon 04/11/2011
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Manchester Center, VT- April 11, 2011- Share photos with classrooms across the country and connect students with teachers, parents and other students!  Digital Wish and Isabella Products are bringing the Vizit interactive photo frame to classrooms across America with special teachers-only 2-for-1 pricing.  Instantly send photos to the frame from your cell phone or computer to share them with other classrooms in your school, or across the country!

“Many students are visual learners,” said Heather Chirtea, executive director and founder of Digital Wish, “Vizit allows classrooms to connect with their world visually in real time.  This 2-for-1 program allows two classrooms to collaborate on picture-pal programs, data collection, and photographic homework assignments. We’re excited to see what teachers come up with.”

Whether showing parents lessons learned in school, showcasing classroom photos, sharing photos with other classrooms in your school, or starting a picture pals program with other classrooms around America, Vizit is a unique product that can improve any classroom experience.  Isabella Products’ revolutionary photo sharing frame is the ideal addition to make classes more fun, interactive, and enjoyable for everyone!

Vizit is a two-way photo sharing frame.  Photos can be sent from camera phones or digital photo collections directly to the Vizit frame over the mobile network.  There is no hassle with a Wi-Fi connection or transferring photos from memory sticks. The cellular connection allows for a quick set-up: take the frame out of the box, plug it in, and begin receiving and sending photos on Vizit.

“Isabella Products is excited to enable teachers to build a fun and interactive classroom experience with Vizit. With our past school programs, we’ve received great feedback from teachers, and we think that Vizit will connect schools with the future of technology,” says Matthew I. Growney, Founder & CEO of Isabella Products.

Vizit can receive photos from invited teachers, parents, or students by email or picture text message (MMS).  The owner can then forward photos to another directly from the frame.  Thank you’s and replies can be sent directly from the frame and the sender will receive the reply via email.  For content moderation, teachers can monitor and edit content directly from the frame’s control panel or through their VizitMe.com account.  

About Digital Wish
Digital Wish is a non-profit on a mission to solve technology shortfalls in K-12 classrooms.  The www.digitalwish.org website is designed to help teachers locate much-needed funding for classroom technology. Teachers make technology wish lists, and supporters make those wishes come true. Over 23,000 technology wishes have been granted.  Digital Wish provides a host of fundraising ideas and allows teachers to e-mail and print their technology wish lists so that parents and community members can contribute.  For more information, please visit http://www.digitalwish.org.

About Isabella Products
Isabella Products, Inc. is a mobile Internet device company focused on developing innovative solutions for emerging consumer needs. Through its VizitMe content management service, Isabella will effectively and securely deliver and manage real-time content experiences among a portfolio of innovative products. With its initial product, Vizit®, Isabella enables consumers to interact with the billions of unshared images found within camera phones, PCs and the Internet by combining a state-of-the-art touch-screen display with wireless network capabilities. Also part of the Isabella product portfolio is the recently announced FableTM, a handheld, connected children’s tablet for reading, drawing, gaming, and photo sharing. Isabella Products is led by a world-class management team with deep experience in the mobile and consumer electronics industries. For more information, please visit www.isabellaproducts.com.


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