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Riding The Technology Wave When You Don’t Know How To Paddle
Posted by Jon Ketchum at 02:55:44 PM Mon 10/05/2009
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Published by: Jon Ketchum

Technologically speaking, many of my friends and family are still considered ‘weak swimmers’ when treading through today’s tumultuous “e-ocean.” Even when they are in the knee-deep depths of technological understanding they can barely keep their chin afloat without the help of a well trained “life guard” on duty.  

Growing up in the wake of Internet explosion I had a difficult time finding my buoyancy on the “technology-wave” as well. No matter how many times my 3rd grade teacher threw me into the ‘Mario Typing’ shark tank, I rarely came out alive. After all, the Mario that I was most familiar with moved fluidly when coaxed across the screen; mobility was not determined by my ability to accurately spell the words ‘run’ and ‘jump.’  

My ideologies however changed after “experiencing” the Northwest Territory through an ever-historic journey of “The Oregon Trail.” Although I suffered continuous bouts of the dreaded typhoid fever and a dismal two-month stretch of starvation due to a lack of bison, I was stimulated in a new way. I was learning.

My days on “the trail” have since expired, however my experience on the cart path brought forth a lasting confidence to explore further and faster. Without them I fear my academics would have suffered greatly. I shutter to think that masterpiece projects like, “The Life of Jerry;” a ‘mockumentary’ film about my college professor who lived with his mother, might never have existed!

Even though skeptics could attribute my new ability to fluidly surf technology’s wave to a seemingly rigorous seventeen-year course-study, I would argue differently. My present ability to navigate the tides of technology is solely reminiscent of simple character trait, curiosity. Through sheer wonder coupled with a bit of trial and error my fear of all that was technology was demolished.  

My suggestion for all those people still sunbathing on technology’s beach; ditch the arm-floaties and dive into the ‘e-sea’ headfirst. You may doggy paddle your way back to shore at first, but I’m fairly certain that if you keep testing the waters you will find your buoyancy and so much more.  

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