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Sherston America Opens Office in the US and Announces New Software Grants
Posted by Jon Ketchum at 07:46:13 PM Tue 04/27/2010
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Portland, Oregon, April 27, 2010 — BLi Education Ltd. has expanded its operations to include new offices in the US. Headquartered in Portland, OR, “the opening of our US offices under the name Sherston America will provide innovative educational tools used by thousands of schools around the world to students throughout the US. We look forward to making a difference in the lives of American students, as we have done for more than 25 years in the UK,” says CEO Andrew Foyle.  

With the opening of its offices, Sherston America announces a new partnership with Digital Wish to award 50 software grants to elementary and middle school teachers. The grants will provide 50 recipients copies of either BBC Science Simulations 3 or Alphabet Track to support the integration of technology into science and reading classrooms.  

BBC Science Simulations 3 challenges students ages 9-12 to explore the world of science by running simulated experiments.  After selecting variables and control times, students can view the results of their experiments as animations and/or dynamically generated tables, graphs, and diagrams. ‘Questions’ mode provides a series of focused questions based on the simulation to promote analysis. Students then have the opportunity to manipulate the variables and observe different results. Seven interactive simulations are provided, including: Exercise and Health, Plant Germination and Growth, Food Webs, Forces and Friction, Changes of State, Electrical Circuits, and Light and Shadows. Teacher controls allow you to configure the access to specific simulations, questions, and graphs, as well as enter multi-simulation mode for side-by-side comparisons. Perfect for whiteboards!

Alphabet Track is the second program in the five part On Track series of research-based software designed to teach students the basics of fluency. Award-winning Alphabet Track uses and reinforces the familiar alphabet arc format used by many structured, multi-sensory programs to teach emerging readers and learners with dyslexia. Alphabet Track encourages users to learn the order of the alphabet and to locate and place each letter in the alphabet quickly and consistently. Recording pupils’ or teachers' voices when reciting the alphabet provides auditory reinforcement. Alphabet Track improves visual and auditory sequential memory, encourages concentration skills, and increases keyboard awareness. All products in the On Track series are switch compatible.

To apply for these grants, visit Digital Wish and upload a unique lesson plan idea for the software. Winners will be selected based on need and asked to close the grant by submitting a brief description of their experience with the software. Winners will be selected May 28, 2010. Visit www.digitalwish.org

About Sherston America

For over two decades Sherston has been one of the UK's leading providers of educational software, with content covering every part of the curriculum. Its award winning software and outstanding reputation have been built by providing schools with innovative, engaging products based on sound educational theory. Sherston America is a part of the BLi Education Ltd.  www.sherstonamerica.com

About Digital Wish

Digital Wish is on a mission to modernize classrooms and prepare students for tomorrow's workforce. Digital Wish promotes the early adoption of technology in schools by providing a platform for teachers and educators to develop technology wish lists, share project plans, collaborate on best practices, and purchase technology in a cost-effective manner. By streamlining and targeting the process of giving, Digital Wish allows large and small-scale donors to directly impact their local schools. www.digitalwish.org 
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Jennifer Miller, [email protected]
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