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Donors Gravitate to Digital Wish Because 100% of Their Funds Support Classrooms
Posted by Jon Ketchum at 07:33:29 PM Fri 12/04/2009
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Published by: Jon Ketchum

In late October, a Digital Wish donor named John Lintner paid homage to his community by gifting needed resources to his children's elementary school. Earlier that month, Lintner approached Marianne Williams, the Principal of Willard Elementary with the intent of making a technology donation to the school. Upon doing so Williams suggested that there was one item that was in high demand among her teachers; it was a Flip video camera.

"We had a vendor come in last year and show us the Flip camera and we were thrilled with it," the principal said. "At that time we cobbled together enough money to buy three or four of them for the building, you know how it is with budgets!"

As soon as Lintner became aware of the school's videos needs, he immediately searched the web and found Digital Wish through Flip's website.

"I was extremely happy to find Digital Wish," Lintner said. "Through the site I was able to contribute more than double the amount of cameras to my children's school."

When Lintner informed Williams about Digital Wish, she immediately told her teachers to register so they could continue fundraising for technology.

"I thought that this would be a perfect organization for my teachers and I to get involved with," Williams said. "Teachers list specifically what they want for their classroom and donors can then view  a teacher’s exact needs."

Within a few days of helping her teacher to register on Digital Wish, Lintner had donated 24 Flip Camcorders to William's school.

"When the teachers and students found out that they were going to be receiving flip cameras through John Lintner’s donation they were absolutely beside themselves," Williams said. "Since receiving them they have been in constant use in the classroom."

Through his experience donating, Lintner claimed that one of the largest benefits of giving through Digital Wish was knowing that 100% of his money was going directly towards putting Flip Cameras into Willard Elementary.

"I would recommend Digital Wish to other donors for the same reasons I used the site; it’s convenient, easy, and you know exactly where your money is going."

 Although Lintner said that his initial intent to donate to Willard Elementary was sparked by his willingness to pay homage to his local 'community.' Lintner's actions have in turn brought a new sense of school pride among the teachers and students that received his gift.

"Although my intent was to donate to the school," Lintner said. "The true beneficiaries of this donation are of course the teachers and the students."

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