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Classroom Connection With Haiti Grows Stronger
Posted by John Sullivan at 03:39:57 PM Fri 03/11/2011
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Written by guest blogger, Christine Berg

Editors Note: This article is a follow- up to a previous article, published in May 2010.  You can read the first article about Christine and Rondout Valley High School's correspondence with a school in Haiti here. For more information, including how you can help support the Haitian school, please contact John Sullivan at Digital Wish.

This past November, four teachers from the Haitian school visited Rondout Valley High School to give a video presentation of their school and what they have been doing with the funds we have been sending them since the January 2010 earthquake.  The presentation was filmed using the Flip camera, and they thanked us profusely for sending it because they feel that it has given them a way to communicate with the outside world and with potential supporters.  It really has been amazing to see the effect that such a small device can have on the lives of so many people!

The teachers at the school are focused on becoming self-supporting through sale of their art and the art that the children make at the school.  The Flip Camera is helping them to gain exposure for what they are doing in the United States.  They are so hardworking, and their goal is to rebuild Haiti by teaching the children to be productive.

This has been a life-changing experience for me and my students.  The Haitians we have met are such resilient, courageous and truly beautiful people.  I would like as many people as possible to know about what they have accomplished in the face of such tragedy.

Check out footage from the Haitian's Flip Cameras below!

Editors Note: These short clips were filmed with Flip Camera models from 2009 and are not representative of the HD picture that is captured with the Flip UltraHD™ cameras currently on Digital Wish.

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