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The Draper Richards Foundation Awards Prestigious Fellowship Grant To Digital Wish
Posted by Digital Wish Support at 02:33:31 PM Tue 10/14/2008
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Digitalwish.org, a Vermont based public charity on a mission to modernize American schools, receives a $300,000 grant to expand operations and fundraise for schools. Manchester, VT, October 14, 2008 – The Draper Richards Foundation has awarded Digital Wish a $300,000 grant in recognition of Digital Wish’s potential to modernize American schools. The funds, distributed to Digital Wish over the next three years, will be used by the organization to expand its fundraising operations. In response, Digital Wish has announced the launch of its corporate donation program that allows companies to set up employee matching funds programs at little to no administrative cost. Digital Wish will also matches every donation with an additional 2%-10% in funding, ensuring that 102%-110% of the giver’s donation will be allocated directly to school technology programs. Digital Wish now joins the impressive lineup of high-growth nonprofit organizations that Draper Richards helps usher through startup phase including: Room to Read, Kiva, and the Genocide Intervention Network, among others. Digital Wish was one of only four nonprofits to be selected for the grant in 2008, and no more than six grants are given in a single year. “I am honored to be amongst such distinguished peers and excited by how this grant will impact our ability to help teachers acquire the technology they desperately need,” said Heather Chirtea, Digital Wish’s founder. “With the influx of both money and Draper Richards’ managerial support, we can significantly increase our impact on US education. We now have the resources we need to scale our fundraising effort.” Draper Richards also provides its social entrepreneurs with support and guidance, in addition to financial assistance, and Digital Wish will work closely with Draper Richards on strategic growth issues. Further, Jenny Shilling Stein, Executive Director of the Draper Richards Foundation will join Digital Wish’s Board of Directors. She commented, "Digital Wish provides inspiration for thousands of teachers to bring technology into their classrooms. Heather and her team really understand teachers' needs. Digital Wish is the most efficient way for individuals, corporations and foundations to connect with teachers and give them what they need to be successful in the classroom." The Draper Richards Fellowship Grant, combined with Digital Wish’s corporate giving tools, paint a bright picture of Digital Wish’s future and the future of American classrooms. “When innovative technology is accessible to teachers and students,” said Chirtea, “everyone benefits. Classrooms are modernized, students are prepared for the technological demands of tomorrow’s workplace, and corporations can hire locally.” In short, Digital Wish has the potential to bridge the gap between schools and community funding, and take strides towards solving America’s technology crisis. About Digital Wish As a public charity, Digital Wish is on a mission to modernize American classrooms and prepare students for tomorrow’s workforce. Educators build technology wish lists and describe how each resource will be utilized. Teachers write project plans or browse a free lesson plan library to find project ideas written by educators, outlining best practices in technology. Their classroom’s story is then posted online, for review by any donor. Digital Wish works with many institutions to set up cost-free grant programs for schools, then matches every donation with an additional 2%-10% in funding. Visit www.digitalwish.org. Media Contact: Polly Davis Digital Wish, PO Box 1072, Manchester Center, VT 05255 Telephone: (802) 375-6721 Ext. 201 Fax: (802) 375-6860 Email Address: [email protected] Website: http://www.digitalwish.org About the Draper Richards Foundation The Draper Richards Foundation funds selected social entrepreneurs in a variety of public service areas, including education, the environment, arts, health, and community and economic development. The Foundation's support is based on the structure of a venture capital fund, providing financial support as well as strategic and organizational assistance. The Foundation was founded by venture capitalists William H. Draper III and Robin Richards Donohoe. For more information, please visit: www.draperrichards.org. Draper Richards Foundation 50 California Street, Suite 2925 San Francisco, CA 94111 Tel: 415-616-4050, Fax: 415-616-4060 Email: [email protected]
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