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Kodak HD Video Camera Bundles - Up to 50% Off for Educators through Digital Wish
Posted by John Sullivan at 01:21:05 PM Tue 09/13/2011
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Manchester Center, VT- September 13th, 2011 - Digital Wish and Kodak have teamed up to create educator-only discounts on high definition video camera bundles, bringing more visual learning projects to classrooms across America. Digital Wish has packaged together the most popular camera models with the most-requested classroom accessories for significantly less than the manufacturer's suggested retail price of each product. Each KODAK HD video camera is bundled with a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, a USB/ AC power adapter, a deluxe neoprene camera case, a 8GB SD card for capturing footage and photos, AV cables, ARCSOFT MEDIA IMPRESSIONS Software for editing pictures and videos, and a one year warranty for all of the items. As an added bonus, an extra cable has been included for viewing footage on any HDMI-capable television. Even without the cameras, the accessory kits alone would cost over $125 if each item was purchased separately at typical retail prices.

There are three video camera bundles to choose from -- the simple but brilliant KODAK PLAYFULL Video Camera, the rugged, waterproof KODAK PLAYSPORT Zx3 Video Camera, and the touch-sensitive KODAK PLAYTOUCH Video Camera. These pocket-sized HD video cameras are sure to be a big hit in the classroom. Digital Wish's specially-priced education bundles will ensure that every classroom is ready to start working on exciting video projects right away!

All three Kodak cameras shoot beautiful 1080p high definition video and take five megapixel still photos. Easy to use, built- in special effects are ideal for creative classroom projects. Add a stylized look to any video taken with the KODAK PLAYTOUCH or KODAK PLAYFULL Video Cameras, including black and white, sepia, high saturation, and a 1970's film look. The different effects will add flair to projects across all subjects, from sepia toned videos for historical reenactments to recreating famous laboratory experiments with the 1970's film filter. The KODAK PLAYSPORT Zx3 Video Camera also features an LCD screen glare shield which allows the user to view their pictures and videos even in bright sunlight.

Each camera model has unique features that make it suitable for different classroom settings.

·  The KODAK PLAYFULL Video Camera Bundle- Simple to use and value-priced, this is a great bundle for schools on a tight budget. $105.99, 50% discount. http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=32100
· The KODAK PLAYSPORT Video Camera Bundle - Rugged, dustproof, and even waterproof up to 10 feet, this camera is designed to stand up to many adventurous uses both inside and outside the classroom. $129.99, 44% discount.
·  The KODAK PLAYTOUCH Video Camera Bundle - This camera offers a 3.0 inch high quality and intuitive touchscreen for complete control before and after shooting. $129.99, 50% discount.

"We encounter so many visual learners in the 21st century classroom, and video can be a real game-changer for these students," said Heather Chirtea, founder and executive director of Digital Wish, "We have worked with a lot of disengaged students who suddenly thrive when video is introduced into the curriculum. Digital Wish is proud to work with Kodak to bring these powerful cameras to classrooms at a huge discount that will allow teachers to access more technology on their limited budgets."

David E. Capodicasa, Kodak's Director of Market and Business Development, said, "Kodak is excited to give back to teachers, students, and educators everywhere by leveraging this program through Digital Wish. Our pocket video camcorders are a great educational tool that can be used to reinforce teaching principles while adding a layer of excitement for students. Kodak is delighted to partner on this initiative and we look forward to bringing more programs like this to educational institutions in the near future through our partnership with Digital Wish."

Digital Wish has gained nationwide attention by granting over 26,000 classroom technology wishes through DigitalWish.org. Many of these wishes have been for handheld cameras, a long-time favorite of educators who strive to engage students through project-based learning. With these new Kodak bundles, Digital Wish is making it easier than ever for teachers to engage their students through video and photography.

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