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Student Producers Help Get The Word Out
Posted by Jon Ketchum at 07:40:50 PM Fri 01/22/2010
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Published by: Jon Ketchum

In early October of 2009 Tim Foley, the Video teacher at Bennington Community Development Center in Southern Vermont challenged his tech-hungry students to a competition where more than just grades were at stake. In conjunction with Digital Wish, Foley asked his students to craft creative Public Service Announcements to help inform American educators about the Flip Video Matching Program administered by Digital Wish. As added incentive, Digital Wish granted two Flip Videos to the winning producers.

Making sure not to stifle the creative license of the students, Digital Wish gave Foley's students a project description with only three major criteria. Each video had to be shorter than 30 seconds; it had to deliver a strong understanding of the Flip Video Matching Program and most importantly; it had to be original.

Within the first week of the assignment, nearly all of Foley's students had crafted individual story-boards and presented them to Digital Wish staff members by video conference. Originality was plentiful as these eager High School students sat in front of the classroom's computer screen presenting early video concepts on scribbled loose-leaf paper. After pitching their ideas each contestant was given direct guidance on how to take their brainchild to the next level.

Consultation continued throughout the next month as Foley's students worked at completing a variety of unique, comical and inspiring commercials to help educate American teachers about the Flip Matching Program.  Just before the holiday break, Digital Wish reviewed the final entries and decided on two projects that met all of the project criteria. Producers Austin Bevin, with her comical 'teacher-testimony' and Drew Johnson, with a visual representation of a 'student-testimony' took the crown.

To view the student's final creations click on their names below:
Austin Bevin's PSA
Drew Johnson's PSA

Please share these links with other educators!  These were created by students using Flip camcorders.

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Digital Wish
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