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Back to School Grant Winners!
Posted by Amanda Stevens at 02:05:56 PM Fri 10/10/2014

Congratulations to our latest grant winners!  Thank you all for your wonderful lesson plan contributions!

If you are interested in winning a grant through Digital Wish please submit an original lesson plan to our website.  The content of your lesson plan should be relevant to the grant award you are seeking - Elementary Science, Mobile Devices in the Classroom, Digital Technology and Cyber Safety and more.  Please see our grant opportunities here

Lindsay Foster Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety - September 09/30/2014
Maryann Kelly Digital Media in the Classroom - September 09/30/2014
Tina Burton-Crunk Digital Media in the Classroom - September 09/30/2014
Rosa Rodriguez Early Reading with Phonics 09/30/2014
Lynn Toumi Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety - August 08/31/2014


Digital Wish Media Contact:
Jennifer Miller, [email protected]
Digital Wish
PO Box 255
Milton, DE 19968

Hottest Digital Wish Programs!
Posted by Heather Chirtea at 06:07:29 PM Fri 10/03/2014

Here's a list of the most popular deals and programs running through Digital Wish right now. Feel free to circulate these around your school districts!

Trending Products:

  • New! Tablet Stage Stands for iPads and tablets - Turn your tablet into an interactive classroom! Use your tablet to deliver interactive presentations to your classroom. Adjustable tabs hold your tablet securely above the staging area, while a rotating arm allows you to position the tablet vertically or horizontally. Portable style also available starting at $89.
  • New HoverCam Solo 8 Document Camera $50 grants - At $349, the Solo 8 is the world's first SuperSpeed USB 3.0 document camera with 8MP resolution $50 Grants per camera are available.
  • Mobile Beacon 4G wireless device donations and low $10/month service. Get unlimited, high-speed 4G mobile broadband service and a choice of user-friendly devices that can support and expand your school's broadband access.
  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera comes with Donated SD Card - The Pocket Cinema Camera is one of the hottest-selling Super 16 digital cameras for professional level filmmaking. Now until November 15th, Digital Wish will donate a high speed SanDisk 32 GB memory card ($79 value) for each Cinema Camera you order.
  • HP color printer BOGO - Buy one, get one for $100! Choose from these three models, with two having Print from Anywhere wireless capability. These super fast printers are 50% more economical than laser printers.
  • Beginner's Yearbook and Photography Digital Camera Lab for $1,379. Save money and outfit your clubs with Tool Factory's Yearbook and Photography Digital Camera Lab. Get 6 Power Pro GE x400 bridge digital cameras for use in a wide range of photography settings.

Trending Programs:

  • Free Technology Adviser - We can often find discounts that schools can't get directly. If you are trying to find the best way to spend your budget to maximize your equipment, then let our nonprofit adviser help you. Give us a call at (866) 344-7758 or email [email protected]
  • Fundraisers for Classroom Technology - Starting a fundraiser on Digital Wish. Our fundraising tool helps you to organize a grassroots campaign locally and brings your needs to a wider audience. Even if you don't reach your goal, you'll still keep funds to put toward the items you need.
  • Lesson Plan Library - One of our most popular destinations on Digital Wish! Educators are always looking for great new lesson plan ideas and submitting their own to win grants. Over 4,000 teacher created plans.
  • Schools get 3X Equipment Up-Front with Leasing - Digital Wish now has leasing options available on classroom technology. Give us a call at (866) 344-7758 or email [email protected] to see a leasing option can help you secure your technology needs.
  • 24 no cost business and entrepreneurship courses from the HP LIFE Foundation. Course topics include finance, operations, marketing, communications, IT skills and social networking in seven languages. Earn certificates of completion, explore business issues. Students sign up here.
  • Finding Grants - Submit a lesson plan to qualify for 8 technology products next month and search for other grants that may fit your needs. Get more information here. See the list of current grant winners.
  • Recycle Forward - Get funds by recycling used ink cartridges and small tech equipment through the Recycle Forward and Cartridges for Kids program. Sign up and start collecting here.
Digital Wish Media Contact:
Jennifer Miller, [email protected]
Digital Wish
PO Box 255
Milton, DE 19968

HP LIFE - Free Courses!
Posted by Amanda Stevens at 02:10:19 PM Fri 09/19/2014

Help your budding entrepreneurs get started with their small business dreams, thanks to the HP LIFE Foundation.

24 Business and Entrepreneurship courses - No cost, just sign up. Sign up for business and entrepreneurship training courses compliments of the HP LIFE Initiative. Students sign up and select from 24 one-hour courses in finance, operations,marketing, communications and social networking, in seven languages. Earn Certificates of completion, explore business issues, and join the global online community of more than 330,000 learners from 200 countries. Students sign up here

Course overview






Special topics


Basics of finance


Social media marketing


Maximizing capacity


Your target audience


Profit and loss


Unique value proposition


Managing contact information


Effective presentations


Finding funding


Selling online


Customer relationship management (CRM)


Business email


Cash flow


Setting prices


Hiring staff


Presenting data


Sales forecasting


Marketing benefits vs. features


Inventory management


Effective business websites




IT for business success



Social entrepreneurship


Energy efficiency: Do more for less


Effective leadership


Strategic planning

Download the HP Life Courses Flyer here.

Digital Wish Media Contact:
Jennifer Miller, [email protected]
Digital Wish
PO Box 255
Milton, DE 19968

Another Successful Year in Nashua, NH for Digital Wish and Dell Powering the Possible
Posted by Jonathan Gallup at 10:26:06 AM Wed 09/17/2014

Manchester Center, VT – September 15, 2014 - For the past six years, Digital Wish has been implementing one-computer-per-child programs in Vermont and New Hampshire schools, as well as teaching a turnkey Digital Citizenship program across the country.  As a non-profit on a mission to bring technology to American classrooms, the team just completed their 2013-2014 implementation in Nashua, NH, thanks to a grant from Dell’s Powering the Possible program. Trainers spent the past year delivering computers, weekly educator and student trainings, a complete IT curriculum, an after-school program, and support to another school in the Nashua, NH school district.  In addition, the Digital Citizenship training reached a major milestone by working with over 50 schools spanning Vermont, New Hampshire, California, and New Jersey. 

In the 1:1 programs, Digital Wish’s trainers modeled the entire process of technology adoption, and progressively reduced the initiative planning time from 18 months to just 4 weeks, saving schools tremendous amounts of time and money.  Both teachers and students report a wide range of gains including increased IT skills, collaboration, engagement in learning, technological proficiency, computer access, and dramatic improvements in the understanding of Internet safety issues.

Over the course of the 2013-2014 school year, Digital Wish trained 127 students and 15 educators, teaching a different element of IT integration including digital citizenship, digital presentation, and reliable research.  Students participated in a cyber-safety poster contest and created projects around the relevant curriculum topics.  An after-school game coding class further engaged students every week.

“It is truly incredible to see the advancements of students and educators when technology can be used as a tool to teach the curriculum,” said Eric Bird, Project Director for Digital Wish.  “We have entire classrooms of engaged, entertained, and motivated students, solving their own problems, thinking critically, and working collaboratively toward common goals.  They are receiving relevant 21st century skills that will help their future careers and the community as a whole.”

Digital Wish closed out the school year with a field trip to Nashua Dell to conduct employee interviews, participate in hands-on technology projects, and hear about career opportunities in the IT industry.  Major impact in this underserved school included 625 hours of educator training and 5,335 student hours spent learning from weekly technology lessons.


2013-2014 Nashua Data
113 students took this survey, both before and after Digital Wish's year-long computing program.  Participants were about half 4th graders and half 5th graders; and about half girls and half boys.  Technology training classes were taught in classes each week for 7 months. A trainer worked with the students and teachers once a week to teach Digital Wish’s IT curriculum. The curriculum covered six unique units on technology usage and practical implementation. You can download the complete report here.


Here are just a few gains from the survey:

  • Increased Usage - After the program, students used a computer every day in the classroom 30 times more than before.  Students who reported participating in 10 or more technology projects that required them to solve a problem, gather information, or draw a conclusion rose from 12% to 86%.
  • Increased Safe Usage - After the program, students rated themselves an average of 9 (on a scale of 1-10) or higher when they rated how well they could protect their personal information on the internet, treat other people with respect on the internet, and safely use the internet.  After the program, students rated themselves 8.5 or higher when asked how much they knew about what they legally can and cannot do on the internet, their rights on the internet, and their responsibilities on the internet.
  • Increasing IT Skills - Students rated themselves higher in every single technology skill after the program, and more than doubled their self-rating on how well they can use spreadsheets or Excel.  The percentage of students who said they were beginners on computers decreased from 11% to 4%, a near 300% drop.  The number of students who can figure out almost anything on their own while using a computer rose from 29% to 35.4%.
  • Increased Collaboration – Students collaborating with adults at least once a week while using technology rose from 46% to 94%.  The number of students who collaborated with other students at least once a week while using technology more than tripled.


Anecdotal Gains

In addition to the measurable improvements above, teachers and students provided anecdotes on their experiences:

Students were asked to share the most interesting or exciting thing they have done with a computer.

  • “I learned a new skill and that is researching faster than I did before and to do it correctly.”
  • “My favorite thing was that I could teach my parents to be safe on the internet.”

Students were challenged to tell their school principal anything about having technology in school.  Here are some direct quotes:

  • “School is absolutely nothing without the internet and technology.  It makes school work easier so you don't fail.  You can learn something new with the computer.”
  • “I would tell her that it’s better because it will be easy to do school work and every one would be happy.”
  • “Technology is great in school because it will prepare us for the future and we can now do special tests on the computer which means that we do not need to use papers and pencil as much and that means the environment is getting help.”


About Digital Wish

Learn more about Digital Wish's research and download more reports here:

At Digital Wish, teachers make technology wishes, and donors make those wishes come true with contributions, bringing technology to needy classrooms in all 50 states. Since August 2009, Digital Wish has granted over 30,000 classroom technology wishes through its online network of over 64,000 teachers, and delivered over $14 million in technology products to American classrooms directly impacting over 500,000 students. In research, Digital Wish secured over $1.6 million in funding to put computing programs into 50 schools, reducing the planning time for technology adoption from 18 months to just 4 weeks, and achieving measured gains in student engagement and 21st century skills. Read our research.

Digital Wish Media Contact:
Jennifer Miller, [email protected]
Digital Wish
PO Box 255
Milton, DE 19968

24 Business and Entrepreneurship Courses - Free, just sign up
Posted by Jonathan Gallup at 11:46:51 AM Sat 09/13/2014

Manchester, VT - September 12, 2014 - Whether you're a students, aspiring business owners, or small business, there are 24 free 1-hour courses in the HP Life series covering finance, operations, marketing, communications and social networking, in seven languages. Earn certificates of completion, get advice, and join the global online community of more than 330,000 learners from 200 countries. These 1-hour courses are ideal for after-school clubs, or to support curriculum.  In addition, any small business or entrepreneur can get start-up support, simply by signing up.

Sign up here: http://www.life-global.org/go/digitalwish

Print a Flyer: http://www.digitalwish.com/docs/HP_LIFE_flyer_Digital_Wish.pdf

Digital Wish has partnered in the HP LIFE e-Learning Campaign to help spread the word about the HP Life free training courses during this back-to-school season. For each person who signs up at this link, through October 31, HP will donate $1 to Digital Wish to support more free technology programs for schools!  Please have students sign up, and circulate to your network.

Contact Us:  Amanda Stevens, program coordinator, [email protected], (802)375-6721.

Digital Wish Media Contact:
Jennifer Miller, [email protected]
Digital Wish
PO Box 255
Milton, DE 19968

Advantages of a Digital Wish Fundraiser
Posted by Gordon Woodrow at 03:08:47 PM Wed 08/13/2014

By Kate Reed, High School Student, Vermont

Are you a teacher? Do you want new technologies for your classroom? Then start a Digital Wish fundraiser!

Digital Wish provides a very simple fundraising program for teachers around the country. Teachers provide the products they want on a wishlist, state why they want the products, and then show how much they hope to raise. It is as easy as that. Once they have posted their fundraiser to the website, they just have to keep spreading the word, and they will earn their wish list products in no time!

Debating between creating a Digital Wish fundraiser or one on a different fundraising website?

Digital Wish is very similar to other fundraising websites, such as Kickstarter, gofundme, and Indiegogo. However, if you do not reach your goal on Kickstarter, you get none of the money you raised. One main difference is that donating on Digital Wish is tax deductible for your supporters, while donations on other fundraising sites such as gofundme, are not. If you do not reach your goal on Indiegogo, their fee is 5% more than if you hit your goal. Using Digital Wish, you get the money you raised to spend on classroom technology, even if it is less than your intended goal.


Debating between creating a Digital Wish fundraiser or doing product selling?

Selling Hershey bars, magazines, and cookie dough gives you at most a 50% profit -- and averages from 30-40%. Digital Wish grants you a 92% profit. They are not looking to make money; they are looking to help support classrooms with more technology and raise students up to the rapidly evolving standards of college and the future workforce.

Digital Wish’s fundraising program makes it so much easier for teachers everywhere to raise money for their classrooms because the products are right there on the same site as the fundraiser, making it one-stop shopping. If you want a technology product that Digital Wish isn’t currently offering, simply contact them with the product details and they can usually order it with your fundraised dollars.  If you are a teacher on the Digital Wish website and you find products you want for your classroom, start a fundraiser today! It’s fast, easy and there are lots of great deals and discounts that will stretch your fundraised dollars even further.


Digital Wish Media Contact:
Jennifer Miller, [email protected]
Digital Wish
PO Box 255
Milton, DE 19968

Congratulations July Grant Winners!
Posted by Amanda Stevens at 04:04:15 PM Fri 08/08/2014

Congratulations Grant Winners!  Here are the recipients of our July Grants:

Brynn Pendrak Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety - July 07/31/2014
Catherine Canter Elementary STEM Skills 07/31/2014
Cheri Lovett Digital Photography 07/31/2014


Digital Wish Media Contact:
Jennifer Miller, [email protected]
Digital Wish
PO Box 255
Milton, DE 19968

HoverCam and Digital Wish Award the Solo5 Document Camera
Posted by Amanda Stevens at 03:18:24 PM Fri 07/18/2014

Congratulations to Tonya Parham of Marion Middle School in Marion, Arkansas! Digital Wish and HoverCam are pleased to present Ms. Parham with a HoverCam Solo5 Document Camera http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=510DC. Tonya's lesson plan 'Cow Eye Dissection' is a wonderful addition to our lesson plan library.  Her lesson plan is a shining example of how to incorporate the use of technology into the classroom.  Please view the lesson plan at http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/disp_plan?id=7466

Digital Wish Media Contact:
Jennifer Miller, [email protected]
Digital Wish
PO Box 255
Milton, DE 19968

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